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Old 11-10-18, 18:52
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Default Help with C8? Data Plate

The attached Chevrolet data plate is attached to a friends C8 but I cannot interpret the codes, can anyone please help.

Out of interest it is fitted with an 1B1 body fitted with the original manufacturers plate.
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Old 11-10-18, 20:54
Paul Singleton Paul Singleton is offline
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Default Serial number

The plate in the picture doesn’t belong to a CMP. The first number is the year, 1 could be 41 or 51 or 61. The next four are the series and body style. 1211 comes up as a styleline two door sedan.
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Old 11-10-18, 21:00
Owen Evans Owen Evans is offline
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Default Odd Model?

Following on from Paul's reply, for a C8 the model should read 84-20. Maybe the original tag was lost, and a previous owner used the tag out of another vehicle to get the truck registered?

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Old 11-10-18, 23:56
Bob Carriere Bob Carriere is offline
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Default Its no good scrap......

....tell your friend you will do him a favor and tow it home for nothing!!!!

Would love to see pictures of the original box......from all angles.......

What shape is the cab in????

Get a blank metal tag from Dirk at LWD and stamp your own with the correct info....... no one will know the difference at the License bureau.

Good luck

A. Knowneemuss
Bob Carriere....B.T.B
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Hammond, Ontario
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Old 12-10-18, 00:35
david moore david moore is offline
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Default Beath box data plate

My November 1941 F8 (that I once owned) had the same W.D.Beath plate but with the number 411AC 48. Can't find the photo of it at the moment. Photo of box att.
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