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Old 06-05-19, 18:45
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Default My first foray into big guns or vehicles.

So Iíve always loved big stuff beyond my reach. You know, battleships. Tanks, coastal bases, pak40, etc etc I mostly collect German small arms and other weapons.
LOL. Volunteering on a Panzer IV Wirbelwind restoration didnít help matters. So when I got wind of a guy willing to cut loose a big gun, I decided to do it.

Obviously I wanted a German gun, but there arenít any Pak36-40 in private hands here. Or none Iíve ever heard of, seen or anything. And I tried to import a Pak40 from Germany but the gov would only allow if completely deactivated. And no alterations allowed. Lol.

So the story on this type, it started with the 1934 model Hotchkiss. But they wanted a lighter more simplified version, so the national arensel put this type together. Model of 1937 made by Puteaux. About 400lbs lighter then the 34 Model. This one weighs about 680lbs. Perfect garage size. I can lift the tail and roll it around however I need.

The gun actually a G.25 Mle 1937 by Puteaux made in 1939. It is 2.5cm or 25x194R. Vertical breechblock. The Germans capitured essentially all of these guns that were made. Iíve found about 50 period photos on line, one in French use, 2 or 3 finnish, the rest are all German use.
German designation is 2.5cm Pak 113(f).
It looks to be either original French tan under its current colour or dunkedgelb. I am not sure about the paint. Last guy thinks its German overpaint Panzer Grey/Blue. I just donít know. The gun and carriage are really dark grey/black. The grey colour is a sloppy paint job to the shield, wheels and axle. If you have an opinion on the paint, let me know!

Flash hider, barrel, breech block, breech, recuperator, trailing arm tag all have matching numbers.

This one is live and cartridges are being loaded....

Attached Thumbnails
F6E29425-CC07-48A4-818B-8A0A6F458ADC.jpeg   8CE8DAFE-1E2F-4130-93B7-6A308CD470BB.jpeg   516045BA-1D25-4371-B62F-6A79256FC7E9.jpeg   600DE27B-ECC9-4C5F-9ADB-B44B06F95DF5.jpeg  

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The BEF was also issued with 300 of them, but I think that was the 34 model.
Dunkelgelb/einheits farbe is a 1943- thing, and these guns would have been captured earliere
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Old 08-05-19, 03:50
AndrewSchaefer AndrewSchaefer is offline
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I am trying to post pics but it isnít working yet.
Attached Thumbnails

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Old 08-05-19, 13:18
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Resize your pictures by pixels using 700 or 800 for the long side. Rename them as you save them then post using the manage attachments button.
Robert Pearce.
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Old 10-05-19, 23:21
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Well no idea why some Go upside down. Even rotated the image and uploaded again, and still wrong. Sorry!
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Old 11-05-19, 06:49
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I've seen this quite often from images taken from a mobile phone. But I've no idea of a cure? Ron
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Nice gun, I bet the neighbours have noticed ! Could the upside down picture problem be an I phone / I pad thing ? You are not the first person that this happens to.

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Let me try.

Here is something I got from a google search:

Images might display sideways or upside down after uploading them to your website thanks to the picture being taken on a phone or camera that is in landscape mode. While most image viewers will automatically rotate the image to the correct orientation when viewing it, most internet browsers do not.

Basically, the camera's sensor doesn't realize when you rotate the phone to take a picture. ... The reason why the images flip when you email them or transfer them to certain operating systems is because not all environments acknowledge EXIF data. This means that the orientation tags aren't being acknowledged.
Attached Images

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Old 11-05-19, 17:34
AndrewSchaefer AndrewSchaefer is offline
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Ha!! Good work Rob! Thank you. Yes IPhone.

This was the gun I was talking about when you and I were discussing controlled
Goods. finally got it
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