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Old 06-12-10, 19:47
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Default Very, very sad to hear that.

I'm not sure what we'll do without you.

Gordon, in Scotland
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Old 06-12-10, 21:33
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I was very sad to hear that Geoff has passed away. Condolences to his family and friends.

He has left a legacy in the form of MLU and can be content with the fact that it has joined a great many people together from all corners of the World, with similar interests.

R.I.P. Geoff

1943 Bedford QLD lorry - 1941 BSA WM20 m/cycle - 1943 Daimler Scout Car Mk2
Member of MVT, IMPS, MVG of NSW, KVE and AMVCS
KVE President & KVE News Editor
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Old 06-12-10, 23:09
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Default Geoff

well I am afraid that i am not very good with words, when I found this site years ago I thought that it was fantastic put together by a man with vision,having found out this morning that Geoff has passed away has really knocked me sideways,his shoes will be very hard to fill, rest in peace old soldier you will never be forgotton, Ron
Ron Winfer
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Old 06-12-10, 23:39
Peter Nenadovich Peter Nenadovich is offline
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I am shocked and very sorry to hear of Geoff's passing. Thank-you for creating Maple Leaf Up and bringing together a worldwide network of friends and enthusiasts. Condolences to Mr. Winnington-Ball's family.

Peter Nenadovich
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Old 06-12-10, 23:41
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Default Farewell!

To Geoffs Family and friends and the global community of MLU where ever you are, we will all miss the work that Geoff did without complaint on everybodies behalf. A truly sad day.

Rest in peace Geoff, we will remember you .
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Old 07-12-10, 01:21
Craig Tanner Craig Tanner is offline
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Default Rest in Peace

My deepest condolences to Geoff's family. Geoff, Thank you so much for Maple Leaf Up. It was an honour to have met you.

Craig Tanner
Burton N.B
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Old 07-12-10, 02:26
Jeff Gordon Jeff Gordon is offline
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Goodbye Geoff,
so glad to have met you.
You will be missed world wide!
41 BSA WM20
42 GPW
42 C15A
43 969A Diamond T wrecker
Type 2,3 & 4 Ausssie jeep trailers
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Old 07-12-10, 05:02
maple_leaf_eh maple_leaf_eh is offline
Terry Warner
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The older I get, the more dead people I know. Sorry to hear Sunray has been struck off active strength.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>

On a more pragmatic note, I hope the admins have had a meeting of the minds to keep MLU running and adequately funded.
Terry Warner

- 74-????? M151A2
- 70-08876 M38A1
- 53-71233 M100CDN trailer

Beware! The Green Disease walks among us!
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Old 07-12-10, 05:16
David DeWeese David DeWeese is offline
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Default Farewell, Geoff

My deepest sympathy and heartfelt Condolences go out to your family and friends.
The right words don't seem to come as I type this on the forum you created.
You will undoubtably live on throught the fond memories held by your loved ones and the other lives you have touched, and the members of this unique global community you have created and nurtured.
You will be sorely missed by all...
God Bless You and Rest in Peace.
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Old 07-12-10, 05:34
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A couple years ago I nominated him for the Order of Canada, the only time I was moved to do such a thing. I didn't think I had a chance of it going through, and wasn't sure how Geoff would feel about such a thing. True to form, I got a high-and-mighty sounding brush off from the G-G's secretary, but I was glad I had gone through the process. My rationale was that the history of our military is not, should not, just be left in the hands of the Ph.D's and "the guv'mint", as Geoff called it, but additionally, the grass roots and the guys who were there in the grass should have their say. I think Geoff demonstrated that, and lived it, beautifully with his work with MLU and especially the Kangaroos. I hope his work here is perpetuated. That would mean much more than silly honours that fellows like Alan Eagleson get and give up.

Oh, when I fessed up about the nomination after running into him in Ottawa on the anniversary of VE-Day, he just chuckled and said "you bugger."

So long, Geoff.
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Old 07-12-10, 06:12
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OMG,So sorry to here of Jiffs passing,my condolences to his family and friends,i do like the videos of Jiff polishing gears in a CMP down under.
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Old 07-12-10, 06:19
Sally Ann Sally Ann is offline
She Who Must Be Obeyed
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Post For those that wish to send cards of condolence

Shawn asked that the cards of condolence be sent to his address.

Shawn Winnington-Ball
177 Park Street Apt. A
Waterloo Ontario
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Old 07-12-10, 07:49
Lynn Eades Lynn Eades is offline
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Location: Tauranga, New Zealand
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Default Geoff

What to say....I never met you. I knew little of your personal life, Sally Ann, your cats, your family.
For what you have done via your MLU.
For the knowledge I have gained.
For all the Carriers, (and old trucks)that have and will go together, better.
For the friends I have made. Those I have already met, and those not yet.
These things have only happened, because of you.
You have enrichened the lives of many of us.
Each post is testament to what you have done.
Thankyou Geoff. Rest in Peace.

Carrier Armoured O.P. No1 Mk3 W. T84991
Carrier Bren No2.Mk.I. NewZealand Railways. NZR.6.
Dodge WC55. 37mm Gun Motor Carriage M6
Jeep Mb #135668
So many questions....

Last edited by Lynn Eades; 07-12-10 at 09:06.
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Old 07-12-10, 08:58
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Default Rip

I have just read of his passing and I am shocked. Jif will be sorely missed around here. Always positive and supportive and defensive of his MLU community. I am very saddened to hear of this terrible news.
My best to his family and close friends.
Rest in peace Geoff, and thank you for your help and encouragment in the four years I have been a member here.
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Old 07-12-10, 10:38
Dean (Ajax) Dean (Ajax) is offline
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So VERY Sorry to hear this..he has done a lot to keep Canadian Military History alive.
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Old 07-12-10, 10:54
lynx42 lynx42 is offline
Rick Cove
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Location: Paynesville, AUSTRALIA
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Geoff Winnington-Ball.

Well Geoff, The members of Khaki Vehicle Enthusiasts Inc. (KVE Inc.) will miss you. You attended our event here in Australia in 2007 'The Corowa Swim-In' and it was a pleasure to meet you.

Thank you for MLU. It is one of the best forums on the net and that is because of your imput as founder and administrator. A fair man and one who will be missed by so many. May MLU continue in your memory.

Thank you Geoff and our sympathies to your family and those left behind.

RIP Geoff Winnington-Ball

Rick Cove
President Khaki Vehicle Enthusiasts Inc.
1916 Albion A10
1942 White Scoutcar
1940 Chev Staff Car
1940 F30S Cab11
1940 Chev WA LRDG "Te Hai"
1941 F60L Cab12
1943 Ford Lynx
1942 Bren Gun Carrier VR no.2250
Humber FV1601A
Saracen Mk1(?)
25pdr. 1940 Weir No.266
25pdr. Australian Short No.185 (?)
KVE Member.
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Old 07-12-10, 11:18
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Default Having trouble finding the right words

Had the priviledge of Geoffs company when he stayed at Ganmain during his visit down under. I remember him saying it was "the flattest god dam piece of country" he'd ever seen.

I will miss him and I hope our little community he worked tirelessly to create, survives and thrives. His memory will live on through this wonderful, special little optic fibre world of ours.......

I realise he often said he was born a generation too late, but i'm sure as heck glad he did live in this one or MLU may never have exisited.

He has a wonderful legacy ...... I'll always think of him whenever I visit here.

Farewell Geoff
Pax Vobiscum.......may you eat three meals a day & have regular bowel movements.
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Old 07-12-10, 11:42
Ken Smith Ken Smith is offline
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Default What a shock

I do enjoy MLU so much and have really appreciated the effort put in by Geoff to keep it going.
My sincere condolences to Geoffs family.
1940 Cab 11 F15 1G-8129F
1941 Cab 12 C60L AIF L4710841 Middle East veteran
1941 Cab 12 F60L ARN 45818
1941 Cab 12 F60L ARN 46660
1941 Cab 12 F60L ARN 51720 A/T Portee
1942 Cab 13 F15 ARN 55236
1942 Cab 13 F60L ARN 58171 Mach "D" Loading
1942 Cab 13 C15 ARN 62400
1945 Cab 13 C60L ARN 77821
1941 Chevrolet 3 Ton GS ARN AIF L16070 Middle East veteran
Canadian REL (APF) radar trailer
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Old 07-12-10, 12:18
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Toby Baillie
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Location: Murrumbateman, New South Wales, Australia
Posts: 85

I never had the privilege of meeting Mr Winnington-Ball, but having seen plenty of his work on the site and elsewhere, and having read the tributes already written, I feel like I've certainly missed a truly great man. Thank you sir; and to use a naval expression, fair winds and following seas to you! I offer my sincere condolences to his family and those close to him.
Toby Baillie
- 44 C60L
- 42 F60L
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Old 07-12-10, 16:56
rob love rob love is offline
carrier mech
Join Date: Feb 2003
Location: Shilo MB, the armpit of Canada
Posts: 7,521

Crap; I go away one weekend with no computer, and this happens. What a shocker, although he was noticeably absent the last few weeks.

The Canadian Mil Veh collecting fraternity will always owe a debt of gratitude to Geoff for providing us with this meeting place, and hopefully the the MLU will survive as his legacy.
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Old 07-12-10, 17:45
Harry Moon Harry Moon is offline
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Default Our lives wre enriched by his dedication

Sad Sad news. Our prayers of support to his family, freinds and loved ones.

Harry, Claire Harrison and Alexander Moon
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Old 07-12-10, 18:00
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Don Dingwall Don Dingwall is offline
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Default A huge hole to fill

Condolences to his family.

I think we all owe him a great debt of gratitude. He has provided us with the central meeting place for this group of knuckle smashers from all over.
Hopefully we find a way to keep it going.

Geoff....may you be a half hour in heaven before the devil knows you're dead.

Have one for me.

Don Dingwall

'Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government.'
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Old 07-12-10, 19:44
Eric B Eric B is offline
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Default Thank You

Thank You Geoff for all that you have done for the MV world.

You presence will be missed.

On behalf of the OMVA i would like to pass on my condolences to your family and friends.

Eric B

Editor CMP Magazine
Collecting data on the WW2 Canadian jeep and trailer.
Serial, WD Numbers etc.
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Old 07-12-10, 20:35
Matt Baker Matt Baker is offline
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Unfortunately i never had the chance to meet with Sunray and thank him for bringing our fraternity closer together, he will be sorely missed, my condolences to his family, may he Rest In Peace.

Farewell Sunray.

Matt Baker.
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Old 07-12-10, 21:37
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WO8 C15A 142736
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Posts: 1,958

I never met Geoff, but seeing the picture Jan posted I now realise I wlked past him in the crowd at my first Corowa. I only made a mad dash to Corowa that year as I only found out about the event on the Friday morning. I did meet Keith Webb there and was incouraged to restore my blitz. Once the wheels were set in motion MLU was a great help to me. THANK YOU GEOFF you will be remembered forever.
Robert Pearce.
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Old 07-12-10, 21:43
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colin jones colin jones is offline
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What a shock!!! Never met him personally but exchanged written conversations. Too young to go and will be sadly missed.
R.I.P. Jeff. Sincere condolences to his family.
"You can take a body, but never the memory"
Colin and Simone Jones.
South Australia
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Old 07-12-10, 23:45
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Little Jo Little Jo is offline
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Default Sad news

I never had the privelige of meeting Geoff, but through the MLU I felt I knew you. My sincere condolences to his family. I am sure as long as the MLU goes on you will be remembered.

Little Jo
Anthony (Tony) VAN RHODA.
Strathalbyn. South Australia
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Old 08-12-10, 00:12
25pdrfg 25pdrfg is offline
David Nesbitt
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A sad parting what more can one say but Good Night Geoff. You will be missed Condolences to your family.
Just because Im parranoid dosn`t mean they are not out to get me!
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Old 08-12-10, 00:15
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Derek Heuring
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Default Still in shock

Just now read this thread about Jefe's passing...and I'm still in shock. I had heard no news that he was ill so this has come as complete surprise. Most of you know I started calling Geoff by the monicker "Jefe" soon after moving to Texas. Jefe is a Hispanic term of respect, meaning "Boss". Geoff was the Boss of the best website regarding historic military vehicles and was a true patriot and will be sorely missed by all who knew him, either in real life or through this website.

Thank you for all you did for this community Jefe!
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
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Old 08-12-10, 01:10
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Deepest sympathies to your family. Geoff you were a great inspiration to the fellows that lurk here and will be dearly missed.
3RD Echelon Wksp

1968 M274A5 Mule Baifield USMC
1966 M274A2 Mule BMY USMC
1958 M274 Mule Willys US Army
1970 M38A1 CDN3 70-08715 1 CSR
1981 MANAC 3/4T CDN trailer
1943 Converto Airborne Trailer
1983 M1009 CUCV

RT-524, PRC-77s,
and trucks and stuff and more stuff and and.......

OMVA, MVPA, G503, Steel Soldiers
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