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Old 26-07-13, 17:09
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Default New sub-forum: Tributes

Following a suggestion of Howard, I have created this new sub-forum due to the increasing number of RIP/tribute threads. There have been quite a few in recent times, and we fear they might get lost in the high traffic that is generated by this forum.

This way we can remember and honour both veterans and those forum members who are no longer with us.

Use this thread if you:
  • have any questions regarding the use of this sub-forum;
  • find any threads that need to be moved to there.
Thank you!

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Old 26-07-13, 18:04
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Hanno, I think this sub category is an excellent way to pay homage to our past community members of the MLU Forum. I assume you will be merging previous posts into this area or is this a fresh start?
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Old 26-07-13, 18:42
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Past community members and veterans, lest we forget!

Have moved a number of threads into here already, let me know if you know of any others.

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Old 26-07-13, 23:16
Alex van de Wetering Alex van de Wetering is offline
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Geoff, David, and now Bob......It's all happening so fast and I was also thinking what we could do to give these guys some extra attention. I think the tribute forum is an excellent idea....good work Howard and Hanno!

Chevrolet C8 cab 11 FFW
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Last edited by Alex van de Wetering; 27-07-13 at 12:18. Reason: credits to Howard and Hanno
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Old 27-07-13, 05:04
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Good move Howard and Hanno, unfortunately this new sub forum will continue to grow.
Robert Pearce.
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Old 28-07-13, 06:24
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Post Forum

Thanks Hanno for making this happen
I hope that the family members of those who have passed, and paid tribute to within these pages, will find these posts and gain some insight as to how one person can touch the lives of many.
Howard Holgate
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