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Old 10-03-19, 01:45
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Default Brook Quam - RIP

Brooke Quam of Abbotsford BC, a member of Western Command and a founder of CMEC passed away from heart complications at his home on the mountain.

Brook was a long time member of western command, long before me. He was always a great help to many of us along with his own accomplishments.
Brooke was born in California, moved to Canada after attending cal Tech as an architect. He had put himself through school working as a welder and after designing and building his own house decided that welding and fabricating suited his tastes better.

He made a living from his shop fabricating bridges and components for The BC Forest service, not many Forest service road structures don't have his structural components as part or all of the construction.
His fabrication shop near his home on the now notorious mountain with 5 switchbacks simply sorted out the kinds of truckers that could handle the delivery end of his work on the forest service roads, if they couldn't get up to his shop then they probably would kill themselves later trying to deliver the load.

He found a creative outlet with western command and his many talents fixed, straightened or created many a part or much more for many of us. We all benefited from his expertise.
Of note was his restoration of the Stave Lake Lynx, which i now have the privilege of owning.

His biggest MV project, one that he had dreamed about for 30 years since he picked up a handful of salvagable pieces from a range on the prairies was the Achilles 17 pounder tank destroyer.
It was 2 years of work and unfortunately never got to see much sunshine out of his shop. The one attempt to bring it down for Remembrance Day almost ended in an early demise on the notorious driveway up the mountain. That road claimed more cars and trucks than than the Coq! (we say it like coke)
I dug up the pictures I took that day with my SLR to show you his works.
It only touches on his art, his creativity and his cheerfulness in helping any of us out.

I don't know yet of any memorial plans but I'll share when I know.

Rest in Peace Brook!
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Old 10-03-19, 01:55
Harry Moon Harry Moon is offline
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Default one of his earlier projects

just fixed up a surplus M35A1
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Old 10-03-19, 01:58
Harry Moon Harry Moon is offline
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Default Brook

Not many pictures of the guy.
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Old 10-03-19, 05:32
Matthew P Matthew P is offline
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Thank you for sharing. Although I do not know the man, nor his work, it is apparent from your post his outsized impact on the hobby. No doubt his involvement in the restoration and preservation of military history will be missed.

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Old 10-03-19, 10:11
Bruce MacMillan Bruce MacMillan is offline
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That's sad to hear about Brook, he was a very talented person.
I also had one of his restorations, a M152CDN sigs van.
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Old 10-03-19, 19:39
Hanno Spoelstra's Avatar
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Sorry to hear about Brook Quam's passing.

I did not know he was the man who recreated the M10. It is a testament of his skills.

My condolences, I am sure he will be sadly missed.

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Old 10-03-19, 23:21
maple_leaf_eh maple_leaf_eh is offline
Terry Warner
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Originally Posted by Harry Moon View Post
just fixed up a surplus M35A1
That eight-wheeler must have been in a few movies too. It is so familiar looking.

Eventually we will all leave this world. I hope his projects and workbench topside are as meaningful as they were down here.
Terry Warner

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Beware! The Green Disease walks among us!
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Old 11-03-19, 00:31
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Sorry to hear of Brook's passing. He was in incredibly talented fabricator and welder, I would guess there was very little Brook couldn't make with his own hands. Certainly a character in a sea of interesting characters, Rest in peace Brook, condolences to friends and family.

John McMichael
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Old 07-04-19, 20:55
DanJahn DanJahn is offline
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Default Brook Quom RIP

Note: it is spelt Brooke Quam.
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