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How time flies! I`ve just had an e`mail from the CWGC to say that Lieut W S Ferguson`s headstone is to be replaced in the next year or so, and the date of his death is to be corrected to the 8th of June 1944. Also, his age, 35, is to be added as well. The CWGC web site has also been updated. In the meantime, I`ve discovered a couple of family members living in Canada, including Bill Ferguson`s daughter. It feels really good to be able to get the record set straight - even if it`s taken just over 65 years! Many thanks to the folks on this web site whose enthusiasm and knowledge has helped me so much

Colin Ferguson
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Old 19-03-22, 23:51
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Originally Posted by Vets Dottir View Post
Hi Bill,

It looks like this Lieutenant W. S. Ferguson was killed in action on D-Day ... it also looks like he was laid to rest in the same section of Beny Sur Mer as my Uncle ... maybe they knew and trained with each other, even landed with the same company, my Uncle Ed making it through til the 8th, and Lt Ferguson sadly was killed the first day, along with my other Uncle Phillip. It's hard not to wonder if they all trained together and landed with the same Company isn't it? My dad's brother also was overseas with the Royal Winnipeg Rifles, and came home. I imagine all these men, or many of them, knew each other. Other Uncle's I'm interested in finding out who they served with too ... I'm blown away by how many of my male Uncles were with the Royal Winnipeg Rifles, so maybe my other Uncles were too? I want to know.

There WAS another soldier, last name FERGUSON (who I believe was a good friend of Cliff Chadderton) who was one of the executed soldiers, but he was with a different group ... I'd have to dig out, or search the other thread, to find this information.

Hi, Yes the second William Ferguson ('C' Company) was killed on June 8, with 39 other Canadian soldiers after they ran out of admonition defending a counterattack at Putot-en-Bessin. Their deployment position was undefensable because both of their flanks were exposed. Colonel Meldram also made another mistake in not requesting immediate support. Anyhow, my father was there and Ltn. Ferguson split up the withdrawal group. My father and a Dakota Sioux soldier (Lawrence Bunn) were the only ones to have survived that escape effort (even though they were captured).
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