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Old 10-03-12, 17:22
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Rick Cove
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The Shire of Corowa, who I might add support the Corowa Swim-In wholeheartedly, wrote to KVE Inc. (who are just a volunteer group of people trying to gve all ex-military people a good time), on the 8th March and advised that, because of the waterlogged surface to the Airport, for this year only the Airport is closed to camping and to the Swap Meet and Display day.

The Airport is not closed to usual airport business.

The Jump Shak is a seperate concern. It is run by Tabitha and Tim who make us all most welcome. KVE Inc. asks you to support them as in the past as it is not their fault the weather has caused this problem.

KVE Inc has arranged, with the help of the Corowa Shire, alternative camping arrangements to suit everyone concerned. There are few alternative places available where you can be close to your vehicle either soft skin or armoured. Bindaree Caravan has been seen as the best alternative for this year.

Bindaree Caravan Park did not had sites available as you say, but with the Shires help they have made an area available to suit us. The Caravan park is close to the Stock Yards and it is there that we may have to hold the Display Day and Swap Meet.

There are no secret deals going on as has been suggested by a few protaganists, Bindaree Caravan park owners were not even aware until 8.30 at night on the 8th March that there was a problem and they have bent over backwards to help KVE Inc. to obtain a satisfactory result for all concerned.

Please remember KVE Inc is run by volunteers who have lost a lot of sleep over this issue but have done the best to help all concerned.

We will be back at the Airport next year, weather permitting. so please be patient and enjoy "The Year of the 6X6".

Rick Cove
President KVE Inc.
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