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Old 19-11-19, 20:14
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Default Antifreeze question


What is the recommendation on antifreeze. I went to get some for my C15a the other day and was met with a huge variety of choice on the wall

Anyone have a brand/kind they recommend?
Jordan Baker
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Otter LRC
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Old 19-11-19, 21:24
Grant Bowker Grant Bowker is offline
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In my, non-expert, opinion we don't need to worry about aluminum compatibility (unless we've installed a replacement aluminum radiator).

Most older anti-freezes were both cast iron and brass compatible as those were the materials used in period vehicles. A decent quality green antifreeze (extended life if you wish) is probably adequate, probably no need for yellow, red, orange, OAT or other buzz-word products. Also probably no need to go for higher than 50/50 anti-freeze/water. Higher concentration does gain some freeze point advantage to a point before falling off but it would be rare to come close to needing it in our part of the world. It is probably more important to have a good anti-corrosion package than an extreme low freeze point.

It is good to hear that you are getting to the point of filling your cooling system.
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Old 19-11-19, 21:30
Bob Carriere Bob Carriere is offline
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Default I use CTC store brand.....

I use the antifreeze for diesel engines...... 6 years now....... mixed to Minus 40C to be on the safe side....... I installed a hidden SS expension tank intended for Hot rods...... sandblasted and OD painted.....can hardly see it under the hood......... what hood I mean the mouse trap on the cab 11. It works well hold 1.5 litre and has never over flowed. System is not pressurized but you need a good fitting rad cover with a good gasket. Trusting my mechanical added heat gauge, it never gets up above 165F even when I cover the grill with a cardboard.

Bob Carriere....B.T.B
C15a Cab 11
Hammond, Ontario
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