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Old 10-09-19, 20:51
Alastair Thomas Alastair Thomas is offline
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Default Radio set information please

Today I was given about 100 copies of Flight magazine dating from the 1950s.
I have yet to go through these but it was a very rich time for the variety of UK aeroplane manufacturers.
Amongst these were a number of interesting booklets (such as how to remove and replace the Merlin engine of a Lancaster or Shackleton) and included an instruction book (dated 16 February 1943) for "Radio set SCR 522A, Radio set SCR 522T2, Radio set SCR 542A, Radio set SCR 542T2"
The set is clearly of American manufacture to be fitted to American aircraft. It works on a frequency range of 100 to 156MHz and has a range of up to 180 miles, according to height, for air to ground use.
My question concerns the British war office information included in the text. Was this because the British would expect to use American aircraft such as the Dakota and therefore British engineers would be expected to maintain them? Alternatively, were these sets fitted to British planes?
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Old 10-09-19, 21:45
Bruce MacMillan Bruce MacMillan is offline
a Canuck/Brit in Blighty
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The SCR522 is based on the British TR1143. While they look different they have the same connectors and are interchangable in the aircraft whether British or American. To confuse matters when the British used the US set it was called a TR5043.
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Old 11-09-19, 10:31
Alastair Thomas Alastair Thomas is offline
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Location: Writtle, UK
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Default Thanks

Thanks for the information, Bruce.
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