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Old 10-12-19, 00:34
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Rick Cove
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Default Speed limits during WWII in Australia.

I recently came across this lovely little book. "Standing Orders for Drivers of Mechanical Vehicles 1945." So I thought I would share some of it with you.

Click image for larger version

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There is an Amendment No. 1 inside the front cover.

Click image for larger version

Name:	img180.jpg
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A slow trip in convoy for some.

Click image for larger version

Name:	img181.jpg
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Enjoy, Rick.
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Old 10-12-19, 01:27
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Surprised by the low speeds for towing the 2Pdr and 25Pdr Short; 12 mph and 10mph respectively.

Can understand now the need to develop the 2Pdr Portee concept.
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Old 10-12-19, 01:34
rob love rob love is online now
carrier mech
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There is no suspension on those/most guns, making them very susceptible to rollover.

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Old 11-12-19, 01:31
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When I was in the CMF (Reserve) as a kid in the 60's convoy speeds used to be 30mph mainly because the few Blitz water trucks could not keep up with the GMC and Studebaker gun tractors.

Running in small groups or individually with a 25 pounder (no limbers used by that time) it was whatever you could get out of them (although the dash placard said 45mph). Often saw 50mph down hill and the guns towed effortlessly. I did notice the NDT tyres used to scallop badly on the guns while the same tread on the trucks wore evenly. Might have had something to do with suspension - or lack thereof.

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Old 11-12-19, 03:35
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Default Speed

No Restrictions to Universal Carriers that I can see.
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Old 16-12-19, 03:09
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Default SWW Speed Limits in Canada

Here are the wartime speed limits as set by the Canadian Army.

Click image for larger version

Name:	Regularions for Drivers of MT Vehicles, Universal Carriers and Motorcycles - 1943 7-43 copy1.jpg
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Click image for larger version

Name:	Vehicle Speed Limits copy1.jpg
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Old 17-12-19, 00:41
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Default BEF Convoy Speeds.

From a BEF GHQ diary.
Attached Thumbnails
P2201256.jpg   P2201281 (2).jpg  
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Old 21-01-20, 20:39
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Default Article in KVE News

The latest issue of KVE News includes an article on Australian Army MV speeds during the 40s and 50s.


Pages 12 to 15.

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Old 08-02-20, 22:26
Matthew Noonan Matthew Noonan is offline
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Some Canadian maximum cruising speed limits from the war diaries.

It's amusing as you go on to later dates they keep dropping the allowed speed and harsher language if anyone caught exceeding them or heaven forbid tampering with the engine governor.
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