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Default 15 inch howitzer

Hi, it has been quite a while since I was on the site, and am back again with another begging letter.

Does anyone have any information for the 15" howitzer used in WW1.

There was a company, DP and G Military Publications that sold manuals, they have ceased trading unfortunately, and their stuff auctioned off. They had a reprint of the original HMSO ordnance manuals, the 15" among them.

There are a number of photo's on the web, but I am looking for more detailed info. The "Landships" site has one drawing by Ken Musgrave, but it lacks detail and has (in my opinion) a number of dimensional errors.

If anyone is able to offer any info on the whereabouts of the manual, has a copy, or able to add anything, I would appreciate you letting me know.
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