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Old 27-05-20, 04:47
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Terry Warner
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Just to keep the conversation interesting, there have been two huge electronic petitions posted calling for reviews or repeal of the contentious Order In Council, a class action lawsuit, and today a major suit calling for a judicial review of the Order and the mechanisms. Still no word on 10,000 joule-plus muzzle energy or larger than 20mm bore size, err? weapons (can't call them firearms as per the previous definition in the Criminal Code).
Terry Warner

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Old 27-05-20, 08:08
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But very well put Tony

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So many questions....
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Old 27-05-20, 13:22
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The ban was a response to a shooting (and an arson that killed almost as many people as the guns) yet goes after legal gun owners and types of firearms, and firearms looking things that really aren't, that the shooter didn't even come close to using. Needless to say the shooter/arsonist was not a licenced gun owner, had been banned from owning them and had a violent past.

The ban was supposed to leave legitimate hunters and sports shooters alone, yet goes after them precisely. Caught in the ban, but stated as not being subject to it yet are, are high end big game and target rifles, many historic antiques, modern muzzle loaders, sporting shotguns and even some industrial devices that shoot projectiles.

The question is whether these things were sloppily included in the government's haste (strike while the tragedy is still fresh I guess) or intended.

Regardless, if the ban isn't overturned it will be the end of many small businesses and the investments hundreds of thousands of people make to the economy, not to mention their own, safe enjoyment.

For this community it is a strong signal the Canadian government does not condone your enthusiasm for military history nor your 'fetish' (our Prime Minister's exact word) for wanting to own it. The group we have running Canada today has shown a distain for all things military, past and present so don't be looking at them to preserve anything.
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