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Old 23-02-05, 19:16
J Caldwell J Caldwell is offline
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Default Picture Needed

Hi All, I need to get a picture of a UC to be used on this years CC4 t-shirt. Preferably a b&w picture, and without copyright issues. I have a couple that I could use but would like to find the best possible picture, as the UC is the featured vehicle at this years event. For more info go to
and follow the link to CC4 information.

Thank You,

Jeff Caldwell
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Old 23-02-05, 20:26
Geoff Winnington-Ball (RIP)'s Avatar
Geoff Winnington-Ball (RIP) Geoff Winnington-Ball (RIP) is offline
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How about one of the stock pics out of the manual? Otherwise, the pic of Bruce's carrier on MLU should suffice. I'm sure he wouldn't mind.....
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Old 23-02-05, 20:39
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Default Year of the Carrier logo

We've just designed this logo from one of the official pics of the LP2A...
It will be used in the DVD and on other elements.

What do you think? There's a colour version too.
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Keith Webb
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Old 23-02-05, 23:30
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Default Great

Nice logo, don't mean to be picky though..perhaps move the carrier up a wee bit to overlap the writing a tad? What aboot a Scottish built carrier on as weel?


We did...honest!!
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