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Default Should/Could we have a new member introduction section to the MLU Forum?

We have been seeing a lot of new faces in the forum this recent while. Just thought I would bring up the subject of perhaps having an introduction section. On other forums I frequent, after acceptance into the forum, you have to make a first post in the intro section, and tell about yourself, your colelcting interest, and what part of the world you are from, along with any other pertinant info.

I find it kind of breaks the ice, and as well you can look up and see who this new guy is that is asking a question or came out of nowhere to sell something. As well, those who may already know someone can come on that thread and vouch for the new person.

Thoughts from the MLU general membership?
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The basics of this forum should be IMHO

real name

geographic area of the world you live in

introduction area.

I support Rob
Robin Craig

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Lynn Eades Lynn Eades is offline
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Me too Robin. I broke my own rule recently. I responded to the new guy because he was a fellow Kiwi. I chipped him about it and he ducked back into the darkness.
My own rule is "No name, no reply". Not long ago these people were de-registered. I would still support this approach.
It is a bit difficult to respond positively to Mr No Name, from Nowhere in particular.
The only ones on here like this are the new people.
Anyone else see it my way?

Maybe the intro should be compulsory?

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So many questions....
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Sounds like a great idea.

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Old 06-10-15, 18:30
Phil Waterman Phil Waterman is offline
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Default Agree with concept of introduction heading

Hi All

Agree with concept of introduction section, as a way understanding where people are coming from in the questions they ask and input they give. Would add to the list of information suggested is area of military vehicle or historical interest.

If we do this would suggest that we prime the pump with some us MLU old timers reintroducing ourselves giving the information we would like new members provide. Another aspect of such an inroduction would be for introducing new vehicles which are coming into the collective MLU collection.

Another possible use would be to use/import the introduction into the user public profile.

Having said all that, given what's happening to the Internet, how comfortable are we putting more information about ourselves and our collection's out there?

Cheers Phil
Phil Waterman
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Old 06-10-15, 19:07
rob love rob love is offline
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Location: Shilo MB, the armpit of Canada
Posts: 7,450

I think part of the reason I suggest it is to avoid the "us and them". We have been a somewhat closed group for a number of years now. It doesn't make us the experts, it just means we managed to register.

When a new guy walks up to a club with his military vehicle and is told to "park it over there by the fence" and away from the main group,he often does not come back a second time. I would hope we can be welcoming of the new blood. We have been seeing the loss of some respected members over the last few years, and it started scaring me to almost see it like the "last post" section of the legion magazine. After all, if we don't get new and younger members into the hobby, then the hobby is doomed. Younger on MLU means anyone younger than 50 these days.

The intro section would hopefully make the newcomer feel welcome, and allow assesment of talent and knowledge both ways: new to old and old to new.

To the new members of MLU who might be reading this, I would like to say welcome. Some fresh perspective is always nice, and I am sure each of you can bring something to the table. There is great exerience on the board, so for sure your contributions will be rewarded tenfold.
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