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Old 16-03-09, 00:18
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"Sid and Errol's Dad"
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Exclamation Corowa 2009. Advance and Identify!

I know there is already more than one 2009 thread, so if we can leave this one for member ID ONLY to keep it tidy.
mlu group2.jpg
Post here or PM me with your ID number & I will update the list as they come in.
Please, for those of us who missed meeting others, make yourself known!
1 = a Random Ring-in
2 = Ian Pullen
3 = Ada Moseley
4, 5 = Joy & Colin Morley
6 = Rick Cove
7 = Jill Starkey (soon to be Jill Cove)
8 = 'Salesman' Bob
9 = D'fa Mosley
10 = Max Hedges
11 = Jarrod Archibald
12 = Bob McNeill
13 = Jan Thompson
14 =
15 = Tony Elliott
16 = Ryan Robinson
17 = Keith Webb
18 =
19 = Andrew McIntosh
20 = Robert 'hr' Pearce
21 = Tim Scriven
22, 23, 24 = Howard, Sidney & Errol Holgate
25 = Euan McDonald
26 = Lang Kidby
27 = Swiss Chris
28 = Renee Williams
29 = Ian Williams
30 = Darian Carn
31 = Pedr Horley
32 = Colin Jones
33 = Richard Coutts-Smith
Absent: Tony Smith, Ian Fawbert, Scott Fletcher, Justin Pollard, Mark Sierant, Darrin Wright, Bruce McCann, Jeff Gordon, Richard Green, Chris Grossett, Graeme Jamieson,
Howard Holgate
F15 #12
F15A #13 (stretched)
F60S #13
C15A #13 Wireless (incomplete)

Last edited by Howard; 23-03-09 at 11:16. Reason: Names added as notified.
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Old 16-03-09, 02:57
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27 = Swiss Chris
Swiss Chris aka Christoph Zimmerli - Driving Switzerland's only Aussie F15
>> Condor A580 M+85691 (1952), Swiss Army Motorbike (unrestored)
>> F15 1942 Aust (Cab 13) ::: restored by Keefy
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Old 16-03-09, 04:17
Ian Fawbert Ian Fawbert is offline
Jeep guy in CMP world!
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I am absent too! I was there but missed the photo. Richard CS can vouch for my presence!!!

I am in the photo- in the far left top corner somewhere over there not even realising the photo was going on (not remembering actually!)

It was a great show though!
Ian Fawbert

1942 Script Willys MB, sn:131175
1942 Script Ford GPW, sn:11730
1944 Ford GPW
1943 #3 GMH jeep trailer
1945 #4 GMH, RAAF jeep Trailer
SOLD: Ford F15A. Aust. #? Office Body.
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Old 16-03-09, 05:06
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Default 3 & 9

#3 is Saleslady Ada
#9 is D'For (D for dog) the most photographed dog in Corowa who should also be the MLU mascot.

Salesman Bob
Chevrolet Blitz Half-Track Replica - Finished and Running
Ford F15 - unrestored
Ford F15A X 2 - unrestored
Website owner -
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Old 16-03-09, 07:29
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26 - Lang Kidby
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Old 16-03-09, 08:01
Darrin Wright Darrin Wright is offline
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Posts: 601

11 Jared Archibald
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Old 16-03-09, 08:10
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Default 16

16 = Ryan Robinson.

Sorry for not catching up with some people. I got to Corowa late friday and was gone soon after the group photo was taken. I did clock up 250+ photos myself though. An amazing collection of Blitz's.
I'll try not to be so quiet next time.
Land Rover trailers
Blitz books.
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Old 18-03-09, 22:57
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Graeme Jamieson
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Default I was there

While all you blokes were combing your hair and putting on your makeup for the camera I was out the back raiding the goodies from the swapmeet.
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Old 23-03-09, 09:48
Justin Pollard Justin Pollard is offline
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Hello All,
Yes i missed the group photo,Dad and I had a stall at the swapmeet and i forgot all about the photo,
Hopefully I,LL be in it next year.

Go Kimi!

Met Gas LP2A carrier Hull no.2753-
Progressing slowly.
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Old 06-04-09, 12:49
Sydneymver Sydneymver is offline
Bruce McCann
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Default No.14

There i am no.14

SECTION 8 = Bruce McCann
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Old 06-04-09, 12:53
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Corowa Project 30
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I thought it was you with the Section 8 t-shirt.
Jan Thompson
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Research & Development
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