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Old 03-04-24, 08:05
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Default “1941 CMP Amphibious vehicle” (4x4)

Niels Vegger noted this ad:

Is this for real? I have never seen any evidence of this being built during WW2.

1941 CMP Amphibious vehicle
CMP amphibious vehicle. Probably the last of its kind.
Canadian Millitary Pattern (CMP) Chevrolet 4x4 with 158.25 inch wheelbase.
Right-hand drive (!) As was common in Canada at the time.
The amphibious truck landed with the Canadians in Sicily in 1943.
The history of the vehicle is mostly known.
NO! - It is not a converted DUKW. chassis number; Frame; Axles; Transmission; Tire size and many more clearly show that it was a CMP watercraft from the start.
Most of the work has now been done.
The engine, both gearboxes and winch have already been completely overhauled.
It drives under its own power and would float.
Everything is there except for the original tank and dashboard.
Also windshield, rehling and hood. I am happy about your bid.
Andreas Burgard: 0049 1702 044263

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Old 04-04-24, 01:45
David Dunlop David Dunlop is offline
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I would like to see a lot more photos and some dimensions of this vehicle before passing judgement. One far shot is just not enough.

Also more information on how it moves in the water; prop and rudders or via the road wheels?

At the moment, the reality of this vehicle can range from complete fake at one end of the spectrum to it being a sole example or sole survivor of a limited piliot project built by Chevrolet Canada. To the latter possibility, GM Canada may have seen a need to have an alternate vehicle to the USA built DUKW, for any number of reasons during the war and developed something for trials. Trials may have been a failure, or a complete success, but anticipated need never materialized.

Much more documentation, details and photos of this vehicle are needed to fairly evaluate it however. Not something to drop the asking price on otherwise.

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Old 04-04-24, 05:27
rob love rob love is offline
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I find it odd that such a vehicle could have been built, tested, landed in Sicily, but no mention about it in the Design Branch Records. Never say never, but.........
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Old 04-04-24, 05:50
David Dunlop David Dunlop is offline
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I was curious about that as well, Rob, but am not familiar enough with the Design Branch documentation to know if it covered everything ever thought of during the war, or only equipment that actually made it into full production?

My thought was that perhaps GM perceived a need to supplement DUKW production, in some form or other, and saw advantages for them doing so via a CMP version. they may have gone as far as building one or more pilot vehicles, advising the Canadian Army what they were up to in the process.

If the concept was being fully funded by GM and not interfering with GM's existing obligations in any way, the Army/Government may have gone along for the ride and helped where they could. The vehicle may have been a dud, or a success that was subsequently no longer needed...end of story. If that were the case, would it ever have made it into the Design Branch records?

What I cannot figure out, however, is how one or more pilot vehicles may have survived all these years in Europe and that flows back into my concerns about the lack of information about this vehicle being offered for sale. If it were mine, I would have been screaming from the rooftops about it from the moment I found it, throughout any restoration work, to try and learn as much as possible about it. But then my wife says I am weird.

Just a thought. Is there a DUKW expert out there familiar enough with the production history of that vehicle who might know it there were any production capacity concerns with it in 1941/1942 that would have prompted GM to consider alternate manufacturing?

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Old 04-04-24, 07:44
Bruce MacMillan Bruce MacMillan is offline
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Back in 2010 Mark Tonner had some info on DUKWs used in Italy with Canadians.
Originally Posted by Mark W. Tonner View Post
During the period of the Second World War, there were no DUKWs held on establishment of the Canadian Army. The ones that did operate with Canadian forces in both Sicily/Italy and in North-West Europe were operated by either British Royal Engineers or by the Royal Army Service Corps.
Being in use by the UK would explain right hand drive. But wasn't the DUKW 6 wheeled?
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Old 04-04-24, 12:17
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Default CMP Amphibian

Given the number of vehicles used by the 1st Canadian Division from the landings in Sicily through to the end of the war in Germany, and how few, if any, have survived to this day; I am really curious how such a 'rare' vehicle has ended up for sale in Germany?
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