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Default Triumph Motorcycles

Originally Posted by charlie fitton View Post
Thanks Rob, I was hoping to find a correlation between cfr and ser no.... a hint of a pattern, anyway.

Does make one wonder how many of these were actually ordered. When I first started going to the supply depot in London (1973 or so) , there were 99 (I counted) still in the crates ...
Unfortunately, like many of the early individual DND vehicle fleets, there was no correlation between the CFR and the serial number. In this case the fleet name was Motorcycle, Light, 500 cc, Triumph TRW. I have a document which refers to a Mk 2 version but I am not sure if Canada used more than one Mark version of this motorcycle or what the differences between the bike marks was. Your number of 99 crated bikes certainly falls in line with the indicators leading to well over 100 being acquired, but I have yet to discover what the actual number was. The term 'Pattern' is not often, if ever, used in official vehicle nomenclature being reserved more for clothing and individual equipment.
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