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Default Corowa 2015 - Year of the General Motors and Year of the Emergency Vehicle

Hi all
Shortly we will have our next KVE newsletter out providing more details about Corowa which is now 2 months away.

Take a look at the Website which has been updated. Many thanks to Chris Grossett for all the time he has spent adding details and photos etc.

Unfortunately the plan by the Corowa RSL Sub-Branch to have a trench system will not be going ahead this year. One of their members who was working on this has had ill health. We will be meeting with the RSL to see if they can organise it for 2016.

Robert Pearce is still looking for people to assist at the Site Office. Please let him know if you can help.

Restoration of the Radar Van has progressed well so it will probably be at Corowa this year. We wont have any internal fittings which we will decide when we are at Corowa.

Please don't forget to send in your entry forms. To receive the participant pack and various mementoes we have set 28 February as the cut off for this.
Jan Thompson
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Research & Development
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The next KVE newsletter is going to be emailed out shortly. Thought I would share this report with you.

Secretary & Public Relations Report – January 2015
Not long now until our 36th Annual Swim-In and Military Vehicle Gathering. Things are proceeding well. Our orders are in for mementoes including Caps, plaques, stickers and we will be also presenting a Special Edition Newsletter for Pre-registered entries. To receive the mementoes you must pre-register by 28th February 2015.
Many thanks to those who have congratulated Troy and I on our engagement. The Wedding will be next year on Monday 14th March 2016 (the first official day of the event) not this year as some people have thought.
Trench display and Re-enactment: This was originally proposed by the Corowa RSL Sub-Branch and due to illness of one of the members who was the key person putting this together this event will not be occurring in 2015. We have suggested that they may want to do this in 2016 but it is up to the Corowa RSL Sub-Branch to decide what they want to do.
Weapons: Replica or deactivated weapons of any type will not be allowed at Corowa unless the correct NSW Firearm Permits have been obtained and presented to KVE upon arrival at Corowa. You MUST provide KVE with a photocopy of this for our records.

Vehicle Participant Certificates: Lisa Doughty has set up a vehicle certificate. For people who now know what vehicle they are bringing please send an email to Jan at and let us know so Lisa can organise a certificate for you. We require the following details of your vehicle:
• Year
• Make
• Model
• Type

Helping while at the event:
If you are able to spare a little time while at Corowa to help KVE we would be very grateful of this. There are many people who have helped in many ways and their assistance is always appreciated. We don’t expect you to be a member of KVE so please come along an offer some assistance.

Help is required for the following duties at Corowa:
• Site office both during the week and people are desperately needed on Saturday while at the Showgrounds.
• Marshals for the drive from Bangerang Park to the Corowa Showgrounds
• People to hand out the daily newsletters.
• Setting up the site office on Sunday 8th March
• Cleaning up the site office on Sunday 15th March

Site office times:
Robert Pearce is organising the Site Office roster for 2015. We are looking for people who may be interested in helping out. You don’t have to be a member of KVE to help with this or any other tasks we may need help with. It is a good opportunity to meet some of the participants from far and wide. KVE would like to give thanks to those people who assisted last year. At this stage the office will be open at the following times:
Monday 9th March: 9-11am and 3-6pm (Ball Park Caravan Park)
Tuesday 10th March: 9-11am and 3-6pm (Ball Park Caravan Park)
Wed 11th March: 8.30-11am and 3-6pm (Ball Park Caravan Park)
Thurs 12th March: 8.30-11am and 3-6pm (Ball Park Caravan Park)
Fri 13th March: 8.30am-11am, 11am-1pm, 1pm-3pm 3pm-6pm (Ball Park Caravan Park)
Sat 14th March: from 7.30-8.45am (Bangerang Park – Jan, Richard and Troy will be signing in by the side of the road): People who have arrived overnight or just for the parade should go straight to Bangerang Park. You will be able to get your package if you have pre-registered and receive your vehicle number. The Site office at the Corowa Showgrounds will be open from 8.30 to 12.30pm. Voting forms can be submitted up until 12 Midday at the Showgrounds Site Office.
To put your name down for a time contact Robert on Email: or
phone: 02 69465101.

At the Site Office you are welcome to have a look at various boards and put advertisements up on the following boards:
a) For Sale and Wanted advertisements: there will be a board for you to put advertisements on.
b) Coming Events: If you want to advertise any future events you will be participating in then feel free to put a notice on the Coming Events board.
c) Your contact details: if you are looking to meet other participants.
Articles on past Corowa Events: please give to Jan if you have any of these. There are a number of notice boards which have copies of articles from past Corowa events. Take a look when you have spare time as you might appear in one of more of these articles.
A whiteboard at the front of the Site Office will advise of ‘Today’s and Tomorrow’s Activities’. Please check this daily in case of time changes.
Coffee & Tea: you are welcome to make yourselves a free coffee or tea.
Entry Forms:
Please send your entry form in ASAP. Those who have pre-registered by 28th February will receive free mementoes and an official participant pack.

We need to remind enthusiasts that each year we have a theme but you are always welcome to attend with any ex-military vehicle or without to be a part of the gathering. Send in your entry forms now to receive the Pre-registered participants pack.

Participant packs:
Pre-registered participants will receive their Pack when they register in at the Site Office. There will be vouchers in it for local shops and businesses so make sure you collect your pack upon arrival in Corowa to make the most of these vouchers and to read the information provided.
We received a grant from the Corowa Shire and have been able to put this towards some mementoes. Get your entry form in ASAP so you don’t miss out.
Items include:
• Event details
• Complimentary mementoes including Special Edition book, a badge, cap and bumper sticker.
• Voting form which gives you an opportunity to make suggestions on award winners and places to visit in 2016. Put completed forms in the Jerry Can at the Site Office.
• 2016 Entry Form
• Vouchers for local businesses

Vehicle Numbers:
Upon arrival at Corowa you need to go down to Ball Park Caravan Park and register your vehicle. (Take note of the Site Office opening times.) Vehicle numbers will only be given to people with an ex-military vehicle attending the event (if you have been unable to bring your vehicle do not register it in as attending) and due to the large numbers of vehicles we are expecting this makes it easier for us to provide a tally of the types and numbers of vehicles at our event. The number must be placed either on the front window or bumper bar of your vehicle. This makes it easier for the organisers to determine if your vehicle has been entered. Emergency and General Motors vehicles will have an extra card to display so that Marshals will be able to spot and position them in the parade and line-up.

Classic Restos
Mark ‘Fletch’ Fletcher will be with us for the third time. On Thursday he will be filming and interviewing people with their vehicles. Over the past 2 years with coverage on Classic Restos we have received an increased number of inquiries. We have copies of the shows available on DVD. Come along to the Site Office and ask for a copy. $15 each.

Keith Webb’s DVD’s: Since 2002 Keith Webb has done DVD’s on our event. Copies of these will be available at the Site Office. The latest DVD will be covering 2014-Year of the WW1 and Year of the Ford. It will be available for $35 each. Past Corowa DVD’s will be for sale for $30 each. Keith has also done some other interesting events so take a look at what is for sale. Keith has been talking about using other people’s video footage so if you take any video footage please talk to Keith as he would like to incorporate this in his DVD’s. Keith sometimes has difficulty getting to Corowa before Thursday so for those who attend for the whole week your coverage might help him make his video.

Voting Forms

Our Suggestion Box is a painted Jerry can and this will be at the Site Office at Ball Park during the week and at the Site Office at Corowa Showground on the Saturday. This is what you will receive in your participant pack.

Please put this form in the Suggestion Box by 12 Midday on Saturday 14th March. At 1200hrs this box will be cleared and any forms received after this will not be included. We need time to count and organize the results for the presentations on Saturday night. Please give the person’s name and the reason for them to be considered for an Award.
1. Mal Mackay Memorial Award: This award will be given to an individual who appears to get the most enjoyment out of being at Corowa.
Name: Reason why:
2. Hard Luck award:
Name: Reason why:
3. Breakdown Award:
Name: Reason why:
4. Longest distance driven in a military vehicle:
Name: Vehicle: Number of Kilometres driven:
5. Encouragement Award:
Name: Reason why:
6. Vehicle - People’s Choice For your favourite vehicle attending this year.
Vehicle rally number: Type of Vehicle:
7. Emergency vehicle - People’s Choice: For your favourite Emergency vehicle attending this year.
Vehicle rally number: Type of vehicle:
8. GM vehicle - People’s Choice: For your favourite General Motors group vehicle attending this year.
Vehicle rally number: Type of General Motors group vehicle:
Suggestions for places to visit in 2016:

Accommodation at Ball Park Caravan Park:
For those requiring a powered site at Ball Park Caravan Park it is advisable to contact them ASAP. Some years they have run out of powered sites.
Contact Sonia & Andrew Palmer on (02) 60331426

Swap Meet Site holders at the Corowa Showgrounds:
This year the Swap Meet is being managed on behalf of KVE, by the Corowa Pastoral, Agricultural & Horticultural Society Inc. (Corowa PA&H Soc.). Anyone wishing to book a swap meet site should contact Jan McKenna from the Society, on 0427 331 148 or email The application form is at the back of this newsletter with full details of rates per day, either Outdoor or Undercover.
There will be some stallholders open for business at the Showground on Thursday and Friday.
The official day of the Swap Meet at the Showground will be on Saturday. There will be covered and outside pitches available and it is requested that those who wish to book a pitch, do so in advance, to ensure they get their choice of Undercover or Outdoor.
Camping for stallholders only is available at the Showground from Thursday to Saturday inclusive $10 per person/per night. Stalls can be open from Thursday to Saturday and charged per day as below.
Stall rates
$10 for Outdoor site 6 x 6 metres (approx.)
$20 for Undercover site 6 x 6 metres (approx.)
Double the rate for 6 x 12 metres (approx.), etc.
Rules which the Showground Trust have requested we abide by:
• Dogs will be allowed and must be on a leash at all times.
• Only Swap Meet stallholders to camp on site.
• Stallholders to remove their own rubbish from site, failure to do so will mean no stall there at future events.
Stallholders who are camping will be able to use the showers and toilets which are owned by the Show Society. The Racecourse toilet block will be opened either Friday night or Saturday morning.
The Swap Meet will be managed on behalf of KVE, Jan McKenna from the Show Society will be organising the sites and collecting all camping and stall fees. Her contact details are as follows:
or phone (02) 6033 1148 - Mobile 0427 331 148
Memorial Board for enthusiasts who are no longer with us:
Each year we lose some well-known military vehicle collectors. KVE has a Memorial Board and would appreciate an A4 size article including a photo of any person who has attended Corowa so we can remember these people. We encourage you to provide us with the information.
Daily Newspaper:
Our KVE member Harvey Black will be producing a daily newspaper from Tuesday to Saturday. It will be called Daily Dispatches. Make sure you collect your copy each afternoon from the KVE Site Office at Ball Park. The current plan is for this to be printed during the afternoon and available at 5pm. You can collect your copy from the site office. This will contain some very important details regarding the activities the following day.
Program of Activities:
Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th March: no activities planned.
Wednesday 11th March: Visit to Albury for Centenary of WW1 parade and display
Thursday 12th March: Visit to Mulwala and Yarrawonga for WW1 parade and display. Lunch will be provided for those who preregister attending this trip. There is a school visit as part of this trip.
Friday 13th March:
10:30am: Visit to Rutherglen Gold Battery (Vehicles to line-up outside the Ball Park Office)
Friday evening from 5.00pm at the Corowa Football Club
Come along from 5:00pm for a meal and enjoy a drink or two prior to our Guest speaker and Parade briefing.
7:30pm Parade Briefing & Mike Cecil will be the 2015 Guest Speaker. Please support the Footy Club who will be providing a 2 course meal and drinks. No BYO
Saturday 14th March: Vehicles will line up at Bangerang Park from 7.30am and participate in the drive to the Corowa Showground and Racecourse where there will be a photo shoot and swap meet. (Take note: the parade route has changed.)
9.00am: Parade departs Bangerang Park goes up Reisling Street (the back street which is parallel to the main street, down Sanger St back up Reisling St out Federation Drive to the Corowa Showgrounds.
9.45am: Swap Meet Commences at Corowa Showgrounds
12.00MD: ensure your voting forms are submitted at the KVE Site Office at Corowa Airport.
12.00pm – Group photos of people associated with various forums such as the MVCA, MLU and REMLR.
1.00pm – Vehicle activities
Presentations: 8pm Sharp: Saturday evening at Ball Park Caravan Park Come and support the Presentations on Saturday evening. If anyone is organizing trip over the next year or two you are welcome to give a talk.
Sunday 15th March: KVE will have a General Meeting and an AGM, 10am, at Corowa Civic Centre Bangerang Park, Corowa. Members and visitors are invited
Sunday evening – from 6pm there will be a meal at the RSL Club.
2014 Year of the WW1 and Year of the Ford DVD
This will be available at the 2015 event. It will cost $35
Reminders for the Parade on Saturday 14th March
It is very important that participants stick their vehicle number onto either their front bumper bar or windscreen so it is visible for parade marshals as soon as you receive it. If you arrive overnight on Friday or first thing on Saturday morning be prepared to stop at the entrance to Bangerang Park and sign in. You will be met by people in fluorescent jackets and we will try and quickly register people in.
Once again John Oldenmenger will be organising the line-up of vehicles in the parade. There will be a driver’s briefing on Friday night at the Corowa Football Club. John would like a few people to assist with marshaling the vehicles both at Bangerang Park and Corowa Showground.
Themes for 2016 2017, 2018 and 2019:
In 2016 the themes will be Year of the Tank and Year of the Chrysler (2)
In 2017 the theme will be Year of the International
In 2018 the theme will be Year of the Land Rover
In 2019 we celebrate 40 years of the Swim-In at Corowa so the theme will be Year of the Amphibian or if you don’t own an amphibious vehicle bring anything you own. (The original gathering was for GPA’s however other vehicles attended and were very welcome as they will be in 2019.)
For further information on the event in the future please feel free to give me a call on 0423 943 010 or send an email to To ensure you are kept up to date with details send me an email to get on the database.

Contributions to our KVE Newsletter
We are after articles for our next newsletter so if you are a member or a participant and have anything you would like to contribute please forward to This newsletter to goes out to members of KVE along with past, present and future participants of the Annual GPA Swim-In and Ex-Military Vehicle Gathering at Corowa, NSW, Australia. Let’s spread the word about this great event.
Corowa Website and Facebook:
The Corowa website has been revamped to include more features and information. Take a look at
We are also on Facebook:
Please join and contribute. Any updates will appear on a regular basis.
Joining KVE Inc
To be a part of the organising of the Swim-In in the future you are welcome to join KVE Inc. You can download a Membership Application Form off the website or ask me for a copy. We will be having a General Meeting and an Annual General Meeting at Corowa on Sunday 15th March so you are welcome to attend. This will be held at 10am at the Corowa Civic Centre, Bangerang Park, Corowa. By joining KVE you will be given more of a chance to make suggestions for how the event is run in the future.
With only a few weeks until the event I hope the restoration of your vehicles is going well. If you don’t quite make it there this year we look forward to seeing you there next year.
Until next time,
Jan Thompson - Secretary
Jan Thompson
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Research & Development
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Default Site office roster

At the moment there are still 17 positions vacant on the office roster.
Mon. 3:00 to 6:00 pm Full
Tue. 3:00 to 6:00 pm Full
Wed. 9:00 to 11:00 am Full 3:00 to 6:00 pm x 1
Thu. 9:00 to 11:00 am x 1 3:00 to 6:00 pm x Full
Fri. 9:00 to 11:00 am x 1 1:00 to 3:00 pm x 2 3:00 to 6:00 pm x 2
Sat. 8:30 t0 9:30 am x 1 9:30 to 10:30 am x Full

Still 6 places available, Thank you to those who have filled places so far.
Robert Pearce.

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Originally Posted by Jan Thompson View Post
The next KVE newsletter is going to be emailed out shortly.
Just to let you know, the January edition of KVE News is now online on the Corowa Swim-In website or go direct to the newsletter,

To anyone who thinks they should have received an emailed one (all sent out earlier), and not received it, there have been a number of email addresses no longer valid, along with full mailboxes, so please let us know.

KVE committee member and newsletter editor

1943 Bedford QLD lorry - 1941 BSA WM20 m/cycle - 1943 Daimler Scout Car Mk2
Member of MVT, IMPS, MVG of NSW, KVE and AMVCS
KVE President & KVE News Editor
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Default Newsletter

Good work Richard and others who were involved. I know how trying it can be to get newsletters out.

I've also been working on the 2014 video and have finished the first cut of the main program which runs just over an hour. Lots of interesting interviews and action.

Now to do the rather odd task of editing my talk from last year!
Film maker

42 FGT No8 (Aust) remains
42 FGT No9 (Aust)
42 F15
Keith Webb
Macleod, Victoria Australia
Also Canadian Military Pattern Vehicles group on Facebook
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Default albury paper - person to interview

today I sent out a Media Release on Corowa. I have been contacted from a person in Albury and they are wanting to do a story on a person with a theme vehicle. This would need to be either a General Motors vehicle or an Emergency Vehicle which will be attending Corowa and resides fairly close to Albury. Please send me a message if you are able to help or know someone who could.
Jan Thompson
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Research & Development
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Smile Media Release

Hey Jan,
Did the ABC Riverina get a copy of that?
Howard Holgate
F15 #12
F15A #13 (stretched)
F60S #13
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