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Old 02-12-22, 01:12
Bob Carriere Bob Carriere is offline
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Default For Bob Love to reply to.....

They claim to have the only surviving WW 1 Cadillac.......

Rob did you not work on a WW1 Cadillac Hearse/Ambulance??????

Set the record straight......
Bob Carriere....B.T.B
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Old 02-12-22, 04:27
rob love rob love is offline
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The one our museum has was originally a limousine. It came to Winnipeg Cadillac in Nov of 1911. It's history after that is unknown, but at some point it found it's way into military service and was converted into a troop carrier. It had been touted as an ambulance, but the design would make it very awkward to get stretchers into it.

There were signs that almost made me think it may have seen early service in Winnipeg (Ft Osbourne) pre-WW2.

Here was the thread from what seems like so so long ago:

Since that time I figured out that a bunch of corduroy cushions that were in the back when we got it were actually for the bench seats.
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