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Old 26-02-21, 22:32
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Terry Warner
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I learned that machine gunnery is about suppressive fire, not necessarily point of aim. Putting MGs on a carrier might seem exciting to contribute to the fight, but their effect would have been mostly salutary.

The carrier platoons in an Infantry Battalion were for carrying things and not for fighting. There are accounts of carrier charges in the early days after DDay, but most of them seemed to have fizzled with heavy losses. That said, getting a ride into battle is much less tiring than trudging ahead on foot.
Terry Warner

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Photo I have of an RCR MMG detachment mounted in a carrier from 1954. Post-war, after the MG battalions were converted back to rifle infantry, Vickers MG's were allocated to the rifle battalions and mounted on the carriers in the carrier platoon. The designation 'carrier platoon' and 'MG platoon' were used interchangeably in documents, I've found.

Click image for larger version

Name:	RCR MMG Det 1954.jpg
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Old 28-02-21, 03:56
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Default MG Armed Universal Carriers

Here is a photo of a M1917A1 .30 cal MG mounted on a Canadian Universal Carrier.

Click image for larger version

Name:	Medium Machine Gun Browning, Cal. .30 M1917A1.jpg
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