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Old 27-02-21, 15:52
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Terry Warner
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Default Someone's suggested on-board toolbag

I get my M151's insurance through Hagarty in Canada. One of the things include is to be on their mailing list for weekly stories and collectible car news items.

Sometimes there are heroic tales of roadside self-recoveries and family sagas. One I recall was a chap whose garage seemed to be a passing parade of donor cars to keep one (or two) of the same model on the road for a few decades. It was the typical tale of spend a bit more than he wanted to buy a car for 'that' one part, only to be given a much better example a week later.

The story here suggests a few essential tools, not all of which are necessary for HMVs. But being prepared is usually about having and not needing vs needing and not having.

Terry Warner

74-????? M151A2 plated and on the road
70-08876 M38A1 ready for the road
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Wow! All three green beasties run!
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Old 27-02-21, 21:44
Bob Carriere Bob Carriere is offline
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Default Thanks for the reminder.......

An original CMP tool box shoould be able to carry ALL the tools required..... may use a separate ammo box for the tester....spare complete distributor, coil

Some cheap plastic hose in various size and length, 2 size of wise grips, electrical and duct tape...... fluids are always onboard a CMP.....

what else can people suggest.......
Sheepherder jack, hydraulic jack and wooden pads.......

An original or modern extension cord for night problems......

A spare fan belt......

A small knuckle first aid kit......

Drinking water and few energy bars......

Paper towels inside a zip lock bag......

One or two long spark plug wires and 2 or 3 plugs already gapped.

10 feet of 12 gauge copperwire...

.......sitting here while thawing out from fire wood duties.....

ah ha....good pair of leathergloves!!!!

A small 6x8 cheap tarp.......

A mylar space blanket.....

Matches, road flares, fire starter rod......

A huntingknife and a multipurpose multi tool ....

Bug repellent......

led flashlight and spare batteries.....

Sure glad I have a C15a with a large toolbox........

Tow chain(s) .... small set of ratchet straps......

12 Good sturdy nylon plastic ties....

Original CMP CDN machete or modern one......

????????? Warm enough now to go back outside to uncover the vehicle...

Bob Carriere....B.T.B
C15a Cab 11
Hammond, Ontario
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Old 27-02-21, 23:25
Robert Bergeron's Avatar
Robert Bergeron Robert Bergeron is offline
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An up to date Gold CAA ( AAA in the US ) card is my toolbox ...I get silent pauses when the operators ask make model and year . Ford GPW 1944 . Ford what ? Never mind , a Jeep . What year sir ? 1944 . Silence . How big is that ? Oh , it fits on a tilt & load . OK , we are sending someone over . Twice i had a defective fuel pump from a guy in New York . He even had the gall to say i had installed it incorrectly . The shaft that is actuated by the cam broke away twice . Twice i got stuck 50 Km away from home . Twice i called CAA that summer . No tools could of helped me . Stay away from cheap reproduction parts from this guy and you should be fine.
44 GPW 44 C-15-A Cab 13 Wireless 5 with 2K1 box
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10 Cwt Cdn Brantford Coach & Body trailers

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Old 28-02-21, 04:35
Harry Moon Harry Moon is offline
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Default 17 years on the road

I've sorted out the tools and spares, all modern. the Original tools and box are saved for display. My BCAA (AAA, CAA) has come in handy over the years too.
One of my first local drives the truck broke down and after inspection called them up for my 4 wheel drive truck and no problem even though it was a small truck, another year I broke down near the destination and again they came through but i had to pay for the trailer separately so I upgraded to what here is called RV+.
Which is a good thing as in 2019 I broke down 300 kms from home and they towed it all the way home no additional charge, although I tipped the driver big time.
Had other breakdowns flats etc all par for not being afraid to hit the road, always been able to fix and catch up with what I've had with me as well as keeping a fair number of other MV's on the road as well.
Pretty much duplicated the tool/spares for the C60L and now putting the sdame together for the New project truck. Haven't put a lot of miles on the Lynx and no big trips yet but I think I have the tools and spares squared away except for a spare inner tube for the runflats. I have learned to notice the feel of a loss of pressure in a runflats.
When our club does a convoy we will usually arrange for a Modern deisel pickup with a heavy duty trailer to tag along, not often used but gives everybody confidence. Check out some of our convoy video's on Youtube at my channel Privatehm
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