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Old 18-05-18, 23:25
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Default Not stuff to put in the bin

Hi All

Got the following e-mail from our daughter this morning:

Hi Dad & Mum,
After watching UXB as a kid, I can’t imagine doing this.
Story goes on to describe finding a WWII Artillery Shell in the garbage. While most of you in Canada probably saw this, though the rest of us around the world would get a kick out of it.
My response to my daughter -
Glad we had you watch all that educational television. Also asked her if she remembers buy a couple of grenades with her brother at an military flea market in the 70s?

They were real grenades that had the powder removed and fuses fired. (yes - checked) They're still kicking around the house complete with handle and ring still attached. Now those should be interesting in the estate sale some day in the distant future.

Cheers Phil
Phil Waterman
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New e-mail
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Old 18-05-18, 23:38
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They have no idea whether it was live. I doubt they weighed it (or would know what the full/empty weigh would be) nor would they know if it was filled with sand. I think the story is a wee bit sensational when the truth is they didn't know and took appropriate precautions just in case.

Still, I wouldn't be using a wrench to crank off the fuse cap unless I knew for sure.
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Old 21-05-18, 03:40
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I heard a radio interview with the fellow who reported it. He was taking a shortcut to the Beer Store and was cutting through someone's back yard. (I guess in that town, that sort of trespass is perfectly acceptable.)

Seems he's worked on range clearances as an iron worker. At least one of his jobs was in the Lac La Biche ranges (I think he meant Primrose Lake Air Weapons Range, but close enough for veracity.) One of the things every worker has to endure is 3 hours of the "most boring videos", and he instantly recognized what it was. He called 911 and waited for the patrol car to arrive. The cop arrived and gave him a hard time, until gentleman pointed to the front wheel of the car, and said "That one." Car got moved! The cop called it in with pictures. Ten minutes later another officious cop frantically orders them not to touch it. Umm, err, sez the gent, 'we knew that'. Ten hours later EOD arrives and it gets taken away. A pure slice of Canadian working man's language and story telling.
Terry Warner

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