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Old 19-04-03, 03:40
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Default Monty's Humber

Hello there

Why is Monty's Humber carrying a Notek light?

(just above the horns)
WW2 Canadian Army Vehicle
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Old 19-04-03, 17:24
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Default Is this the Humber ?

Can't see a notek light on this Humber ?

I think there are more than one Humber claiming to be Montys staff car maybe .

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Smile Monty's Humber

As far as I know Monty had at least two Humber's. One in North-Africa/Italy and a new one from Normandy to Lüneburg Heath. Steve's observation is correct, the second Humber had a Notek blackout driving light. In the attached picture (from Monty's Memoirs ) the Notek "Tarnscheinwerfer" is present above the right horn. The picture is taken September 1. 1944 "crossing the Seine at Vernon by a pontoon bridge".

There must be a good reason for placing a Notek "Tarnscheinwerfer" in this particular car. The Notek "Tarnscheinwerfer" is a very good blackout driving light - from own experiences it is much better than the American blackout driving light - I haven't tried nigth driving with British or Canadian blackout driving lights so I won't comment on them but I suspect the mounting of a German blackout driving light in Monty's Humber have something to do with giving the driver the best possible (combination of?) blackout driving light(s).
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Old 20-04-03, 03:24
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The Notek on the Humber is too low to be of any practical use. Maybe good for diff spotting. The light was used higher up, usually on the left hand side (drivers side) and near the drivers line of sight (with the exception of the kettenkrad). There are height ajustments on the base for the angle of light.
The Notek light was used in conjunction with the rear "cats eyes" blackout light fitted to most German vehicles. It wasn't used solely to illuminate the road ahead, it was used to illuminate the reflectors in the cats eyes on the vehicle in front , ie night convoy driving. The idea being that you see the reflectors and have time to scream just before ramming into the arse of a Tiger tank.
Having ridden a WM20 with blackout headlight at night, and lived, you will note the dazzling power from the headlight which the 6 volt battery chucks out. One hand on the throttle, the other out in front feeling for cars.
The Notek on my VW is worse and that is now 12 volt.
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