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Default Pump


My fluid transfer pump is black? I'll dig it out and put up a photo at some stage.

Doesn't you box belong to the recuperation air pump that fits onto the bracket on the trail, box is strapped onto the limber tray.

Rob Nixon put some good photos up a while ago.
Phillip Thompson

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Originally Posted by Euan McDonald View Post
Tony, pump looks fantastic but it should have been blue.
I have a box that is marked pump that looks like it straps to the trail but I don't think it holds the hand pump. any clues welcome.
This box carries ALL of the recouperator pumps ( N05,N02 liquid and N02 screw ), gauge, spare lens box etc and was issued to and serviced a battery of guns ,it was generally carried in one of the limbers in the tray.
A very rare box indeed !

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I have one of these boxes including all the interior furniture however it has been disassembled and I can't see how it goes back together. Any pictures Rob?

My pump handle is blue too Euan.
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