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Old 10-12-12, 14:47
Jay Foster Jay Foster is offline
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Default Good Morning MLU

Morning boys, Just a quick new guy intro here. Call me Jay or Fozzy or even "hey you"... it all works. After 22 years as a "thumperhead" in the CF, looking after everything from the iltis to Badgers & Bridgelayers to the whole 113 family I'd like to have an SMP of my own. I am currently posted to LFCA TC Meaford, live in the Owen Sound, Ontario area (I'm familliar with Jon Skagfeld, I even served with Scott Bentley in 2 Combat Engineer Regiment years ago and have followed his adventures with his mutt restoration. I'm negotiating with a somewhat difficult soon to be "previous owner" of an M38A1 near here (I' ve even been given on the location of another one if this one doesn't work out).

RIP Pepper, Shane, Des & all the rest... gone but not forgotten
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Old 10-12-12, 16:09
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Jon Skagfeld Jon Skagfeld is offline
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Default Welcome, Jay!

Great to see that you've hooked up with MLU.

Lots of good people, lots of good advice.

We can make up a small convoy what with my M38, yours, as well as Rob's MB and WC 51.

I'll probably head over on Thursday for Happy Hour and will drop in to catch up details on your Jeep hunt. That's depending on wx and your shift, of course.

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Old 10-12-12, 17:02
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Default Hi Jay

Hello Jay, and welcome aboard one of the best informed and friendliest sites for military vehicle enthusiasts, restorers and admirers.

I know you will enjoy yourself here.

One thing we all have in common on MLU is our admiration for chaps such as yourself, who have given their commitment to country.

Ford CMP, 115" WB,1942 (Under Restoration...still)
Medium sized, half fake, artillery piece project. (The 1/4 Pounder)
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Old 10-12-12, 17:05
rob love rob love is online now
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Welcome to the forum Jay. The M38A1 is a great vehicle to restore and operate. Lots of parts, very basic, reasonable gas mileage, and timeless beauty. While the babes aren't usually attracted by the military variants, the wives usually seem to like them, or at the very least, least put up with them.
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