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Old 14-02-04, 02:50
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Default Earl Gale...

...just watching the CTV news and Earl gale died at 84 and was a WWII tanker. He has just a little wooden cross because the federal government will not pay for his headstone because of a funding crunch. The news says he'll have to wait for 4 years to get his 400 dollar headstone. They said, the news, that 400 other vets were waiting for their headstones also.
If accurate, this is beyond disgusting. Does anyone have more any info on this. Is it accurate?
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Old 14-02-04, 04:36
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A CBC News report states that the backlog of unmarked graves should be cleared up by the end of this summer.

I agree that this is utterly shameful, especially in view of the latest fiasco of government mis-spending.
Proud to have served.
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Old 14-02-04, 17:36
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Default The Last Post Fund

Here in Montreal we have the only certified military cemetary in the suburb of Poine Claire,near Dorval(now Pierre Trudeau)airport.I personally have five relative,inlaws buried there,including my mom & dad & grandfather.To qualify,the deceased has to be a certified veteran.Wives may also be interred.Instead of white military headstones,each grave is made up of a flat rectangular marker with the deceased persons name ,rank,date of birth/death .After the rank the letters CA denote a war veteran.I was just wondering,after seeing the news article on TV,if whether the fund has also been affected by the waiting list for grave markers.They are a true supporter of our vets who cannot afford a decent burial,no matter what monetary circumstances,they died under
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Old 14-02-04, 19:54
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Default CBC Newsworld

At noon they just confirmed that The Last Post fund is affected by the lack of money for headstones,but donations have been coming in from as far away as Hong Kong,to give our vets their earned markers.News travels fast around the world
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