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Old 26-12-12, 17:00
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Default RCAF CMPs

This morning on Silver Screen Classics there was an NFB documentary called “Wasp Wings”. The film deals with the role of the Spitfire during the war, but towards the end there a numerous shots of RCAF CMPs and other vehicles belonging to the ground and support crews. They show close-ups of the marking on the RCAF vehicles. The link to the film on the NFB site is below.
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Old 26-12-12, 19:06
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Default Good find

Hi John

Lot of interesting information, the sections on Italy clearly showed that CMPs in desert sand color had carried forward into Europe. Your right about being a lot of good ground shots.

Surprisingly the film seems be much more about the ground crews than is typical of many which focused on the flying. The film was more than halfway through before the typical 12 o:clock high aerial combat.

With a cross tie over to Tony Bakers search for black out head lights. As the post D-Day shots show the blackout head lights sometimes on left sometimes on the right as the traffic had shifted to the right side of the road.

This is a very well done film.

Cheers Phil
Phil Waterman
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