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Old 17-07-17, 14:57
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Default Alternative to rivets


While using rivits properly installed is the ideal approach, the alternative is bolts. The issue is that the bolt or rivit must be a tight fit in both layers of steel.

When I reassembled the frame of my Pat 12 C60L line bored each rivit hole location inplace through all layers to be attached. Each hole was sized so that it would be a drive fit on the shank of grade 8 bolt. Getting the bolts the right length so that the shank (unthreaded section) extended through the steel was the hard part. In the end I bought many different bolt lenghts. Then torque bolts to 75% of max for the bolt size.

The truck has been on the road for about 10 years with a lot of hard off road work hauling firewood with no signs of any of the joints loosening.

Cheers Phil
Phil Waterman
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Old 18-07-17, 11:50
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Originally Posted by sth65pac View Post

I removed the temporary brace and the 1/4" rivet misalignment has become about 1/16" ordered additional rivets but they are too small so I'll have to make up some with steel rod.

I bought a 'toy' oxy propane kit which is pretty useless. If it doesnt heat the rivets hot enough I will have to get a proper Oxy Acetelene kit for riveting.


The chassis do spring when you take the brace out . usually have to jack or tie them back in to location . Usually easier to bolt in and tighten first with tight fitting bolts and remove as you progress along

I use a LPG oxy kit but just use the cutting head instead of heating tips to get it hot enough . Not as quick as acetylene but don't have to pay dead rent on the acetylene bottle as well as oxy tank
Have a good one

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Old 18-07-17, 23:42
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Originally Posted by aj.lec View Post
I use a LPG oxy kit but just use the cutting head instead of heating tips to get it hot enough . Not as quick as acetylene but don't have to pay dead rent on the acetylene bottle as well as oxy tank
Hi Andrew,

After decades of Cigweld/BOC holding oxy-acetylene users to ransom in Victoria with ever increasing rents you can now buy D size Oxy and Acetylene bottles through Bunnings. The company is called Coregas. Initial purchase is barely one years BOC rental charges. Refills for Acetylene is $99 and Oxygen is $69

As is so often the case I think it varies from state to state.

As an occasional user of oxy, these D bottles are ideal for me. I took great pleasure surrendering my D size BOC bottles last year and closing down the bottle lease after 20 years with them.

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Jacques Reed
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Old 19-07-17, 22:41
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Default Drip Rails.

Originally Posted by Bruce Parker View Post
How did you form those drip rails?
I measured all I had and got them folded up (two pieces per side) at the sheet metal shop near me. They taper in width on the lower (attached to old steel) I have the measurements if people are interested.


Ian Williams

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