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Default Passwords and Email changes

Hi Folks,

You'll all be glad to hear that you will no longer have to contact and wait for an admin to manually reset lost or forgotten passwords or ask them to change your email addresses anymore, as you can do that easily and quickly yourselves, once again, with the new upgrade

In your Control Panel area you'll see a menu all down the left side of the page.
Under "Edit email and password" ... click on it and a box to do the editing will come up ... enter the info ... and voila

REMEMBER ... you must fill in your CURRENT PASSWORD at the top where it requests "Enter your present password to continue" or it won't process your request

FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD? at login click on the forgot password/etc link and enter the email address that you registered with and an activation email WITH the new password will be sent immediately to you to that email address.

Click on the activation link in that email and you'll be brought back to login with the new password. Once logged in again, you can go into your control panel and change it to another password if you prefer something different, and it will be processed immediately without having to go through the activation emails again.

Cool. You all don't have to try and contact and wait for admins to reset and help you manually now ... tickety boo, this is sweet

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