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Old 09-06-05, 04:18
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Default Speaking of numbers.........

I just drug my T16 home to start the resto on it. The "T" number is very clear on the sides....."T-104414" and on the sloping plate right in front of the driver toward the leading edge is stamped "KTA 612358"....and right below that the number "194"......... The KTA number also appears on the Swiss added Data Plate right behind the drivers head.
I'm new to this machine and its history.....can anyone please explain the numbers and perhaps shed any light on its history. Thanks for any and all information.
Jim Walters
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Old 09-06-05, 14:01
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Default MVPA Articles


If you are a member of the MVPA you should get the last few issues as Terry Johns has done quite a discoursive series on these special vehicles.

He has included many photos of Canadian units and the markings the wore in the ETO.

I just got done restoring a T-16. Please shoot me a PM.

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