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Thanks Keith, that was very good of you to put the picture on.

Now to work out how these Indian trucks got to Japan. In my research I have discovered that the Indian Army was part of the BCOF for a couple of years.
Were the trucks delivered straight to Japan or did they go to India first? Some of course then went from Japan to Korea in 1950 with the Australian Army ,which we have photographic evidence of, from the AWM.
It would appear that the trucks were left in Japan after the Indian Army departed Japan in 1947/48.
Gifted, sold to the Australian Government?

1940 Cab 11 F15 1G-8129F
1941 Cab 12 C60L AIF L4710841 Middle East veteran
1941 Cab 12 F60L ARN 45818
1941 Cab 12 F60L ARN 46660
1941 Cab 12 F60L ARN 51720 A/T Portee
1942 Cab 13 F15 ARN 55236
1942 Cab 13 F60L ARN 58171 Mach "D" Loading
1942 Cab 13 C15 ARN 62400
1945 Cab 13 C60L ARN 77821
1941 Chevrolet 3 Ton GS ARN AIF L16070 Middle East veteran
Canadian REL (APF) radar trailer
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