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karlos59 17-12-18 06:18

Poor mans armour
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I have been following with interest Armour dreams and Vickers Mk6 resto. After much deliberation I have decided to show my little project a Replica Russian BA 64 Armoured Car
I had looked at buying a Bren carrier but decided against it for various reasons.
I saw a replica Russian BA 64 Armoured car hull for sale and read with interest that it would fit on a CJ jeep chassis.
So I looked around and found a rolling CJ3B chassis for sale and ordered the Tank Power book for reference.
I found there was an original in a museum in Russia ( Pictured ) that I also used for reference.

karlos59 17-12-18 06:46

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From the book, plans were magnified to quarter scale and with the help of my father who is a carpenter I worked out the angles and upscaled measurements by four and we made the mock up out framing pine and 9mm MDF

karlos59 17-12-18 21:19

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Sorrry about order here two pics showing internal setup

Attachment 104123 Attachment 104124

Jonathan Moore 17-12-18 22:08


Nice first project I look forward to seeing it finished. Of course you know it's a slippery slope, next you will need a real ww2 vehicle.


karlos59 17-12-18 22:23

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Hull was then put on chassis to ensure correct fit

Dave Newcomb 18-12-18 01:38

drivers view
Looks great, so all the driver has is the forward hatch? This would require two person driving with a commander in the turret? the best part of Ferrets are the side hatches for the driver, allowing solo driving. I see the side portholes, many armored vehicles allow solo driving, even with the drivers head out of the vehicle.... M-20... M113 most tanks ect. Newc

maple_leaf_eh 19-12-18 05:49

Great looking project
Have a look at the highway vehicles regulations before you get too far into the project. Some Canadian provinces have statutes about "fortified" vehicles which are intended to prosecute gangsters who up armour their cars against gunfire from other gangsters. The concern is that the added weight of their hillbilly engineering is too much for the brakes, and thereby constitute a road hazard. You might have an argument with some official who makes a spurious connection between your reconstructionist replica intentions and unspecified ill intent. 'Think of the children, don't you know.'

Owen Evans 19-12-18 07:28

Great project! Looking forward to seeing the progress on this one. :thup2: If you haven't already, as a safety measure you may want to consider upgrading the CJ3B's braking system.

Keep the pictures coming! :yappy:


karlos59 19-12-18 07:30

Thanks for info I'm in Australia buliding it for re-enacting use

karlos59 20-12-18 07:23

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My CJ3B frame was a roller only as I did not want to buy a running jeep and use the frame only. I decided to fit a 2 Litre Ford Cortina/Pinto motor and Auto box. The diff on the 3B was offset so I had to put a 5B diff in it. These are only 4 inches off centre. My mate is a Hot Rodder and he made motor mounts to suit and motor sat 4 inches to the right

karlos59 21-12-18 07:03

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Motor mounts and transmission mounts were made and motor and box fitted

karlos59 21-12-18 07:15

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Steering was worked out then front panels put back on to work out radiator clearance. When this had been worked out they were taken to engineering factory to be cut out from 4mm steel sheet. MDF patterns were then put back on frame as required

Bob Carriere 21-12-18 22:54

Fantastic job Karlos......
If your re enactment means limited driving and mostly static display your good.

However, IMHO...... if you plan to drive it across open fields, in the excitement and heat of battle, the wooden internal support may work loose very quickly... I would suggest backing up/or replacing the existing internal structure with a welded steel tubing for longer life..... look out for splinters!!!!!

karlos59 21-12-18 23:55

The timber is only to support the MDF panels while working out mechanicals

karlos59 22-12-18 04:24

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Radiator support made and welded to frame. Floor template made and fitted to work out transmission clearance and front panels fitted to work out steering and driving setup

karlos59 23-12-18 06:33

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Front floor section cut out of 4 mm steel plate and back section cut and bent before being welded together

karlos59 25-12-18 22:47

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Driving unit was then taken to another mates place to begin welding the hull together. The wooden internal frame was put on to get angles and panel position right

karlos59 25-12-18 23:11

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Rear panels getting welded on

David Dunlop 26-12-18 00:39

Taking shape nicely so far, Karlos.


karlos59 27-12-18 04:03

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Roof then front lower panels, door frames and upper side panels tacked in place

karlos59 27-12-18 04:13

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Front upper panels and screen and nose panel tacked in place. Heavy duty military style tires fitted to jeep rims

Jonathan Moore 27-12-18 11:09

Looking good. :thup2:


karlos59 27-12-18 12:58

Thanks for positive comments. Jonathan It has been a challenge but nowhere near as difficult as what you are doing

Rob Cassin 28-12-18 15:36

Great Work!
When you are done please drive it up to me in Panama City Beach FL, so i can see it in person! Rob

karlos59 29-12-18 05:34

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Decided to do to turret got the base guillotined at sheet metal shop and bottom lip rolled. Base was then taken to have opening laser cut along with mg slot and vision slots.

karlos59 02-01-19 03:59

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Mudguard pieces were worked out and templates taken to sheety to be cut before welding on.All panels were welded up. Grille pieces cut and welded up and fitted.

James P 03-01-19 19:44

That looks like it is taking shape rather nicely and a neat project.

karlos59 04-01-19 10:01

Thanks for the positive comments will keep the pics coming

karlos59 04-01-19 12:50

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Panels fully welded up and drivers observation port frames tacked on. Exhaust outlet done. Nose strip cut and bent then welded on. Doors cut to size and fitted

James P 04-01-19 23:04

Karlos59, this is one very cool little project and thanks for the posts and pics. It looks like a baby MRAP.

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