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Old 01-04-11, 20:17
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Question Looking for POW experiences from Rennes Military Hospital

After D-Day a large number of wounded Allied paratroopers including those from the Canadian Para Battalion were sent to Rennes Military Hospital (also called Stalag 221 or E.P.S. Rennes) to convalesce prior to being sent to Stalags in Germany. I am looking for information or stories from Rennes where my Father was also held.

The facility was overseen by the Germans but most medical treatment was done by captured Allied doctors and aidmen. The Senior Medical Officer in charge was a Major W.M. Oxley supported by a Capt D. H. Nelson and American Capt Gruenberg followed by a Capt L. Kolman. The Allied doctors were given free run to treat patients with good facilities and equipment but the food and supplies were woefully lacking.

Does anyone have a source of POW stories where information could be found or Escape and Evasion Reports for Canadian POWs? Thanks.
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Old 02-05-11, 15:05
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The Hospital was also called Stalag 221 W. The German doctor in charge was a Hauptman Stabsartz Lummp until early July and then a Major Oberstabsartz V. Enzinger until the liberation of Rennes.
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Old 24-08-11, 17:34
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I recently got a listing of Canadians that passed through Rennes after being patched up from the Admissions and Dispositions record kept by the Allied doctors in the Hospital.

Anyone know any relatives on the list and their story?

Also I found several that were liberated at Rennes.

Albert Cook
Stanley Dudka
Jack Pumchery
N. Geane
W. Barry Needham
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Old 20-09-12, 21:17
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I have recently found the complete Allied POW Admissions and Disposition record from the Rennes Military Hospital. A total of 88 Canadians are on the list of which 2 died in the hospital. I have transcribed the list into a spreadsheet. Can anyone add to the information I have? I have been able to validate 95% of the US POWs information but I can't find a source to validate these entries for Canadians.

PVT F/78406 McCulloch, H. E.
PVT G/23117 Kelly, L. J.
PVT F/55254 McNeill, J.
CPL F/44999 Diggins
PVT F/60008 Bishop, L. N. or Bishop, R. W.
F/SGT R/193475 McGowan, R.
LCPL F/29968 Stevenson, W. S.
PVT H/195460 Trudeau, D. D.
RFL H/121061 Georgeson, W. E.
PVT D/135646 Weeks, H. J.
PVT D/139263 Rice, Jack A.
PVT F/52101 Wardrope, A. R.
RFL H/41578 Bast, C. J.
PVT F/36126 Dunn, R. L.
PVT A/102942 Masse, R. J. U.
F/SGT R/194196 Minet, J.
CPL H/41725 McLean, H. C.
RFL H/41207 Garnett, S.
LT James, Donald Arthur
CPL H/17354 Lavalle
PVT G/19498 Sweeney
PVT L/105890 Bell, T. C.
CPL F/60362 MacIntyre, A.
LCPL K/15360 Shelford, H. M.
PVT H/41640 Dutiaume, H. J.
SGT F/44705 Dudka, S.
TPR H/26744 Speight, S. L.
PVT L/106403 McIntosh, M. H.
PVT F/3563 Aucsin, F. N.
PVT F/89974 Sampson, S. A.
PVT F/45199 Gordan, D. B.
SGT F/50115 Morris, Cecil Bertram
CPL F/45467 Sceetes, G. L.
PVT F/56522 Rosta, George
FO J22382 Ross, J. W.
PVT G/4430 Wade, L. A.
RFL H/4727 Burdett, C. W.
CPL B/70269 Labrick, M. P.
PVT D/62856 Leclair, ?. P.
PVT D/139988 Raymond
SGT F/30033 Wilson, R. H.
RFL L/28201 Ewalk, W. J.
LCPL F/45174 McKay, W. L.
PO J/19712 Murphy, N. P.
PVT F/56085 Fisher, A.
RFL H/40939 LeClair, John
PVT F/13201 Carfan, L.
RFL H/20794 Cook, A.
CPL F/49723 Gourley, C. O.
PVT F/2907 Peters, E.
PVT A/104355 McConnell, P. F.
CPL H/40932 Cullen, J.
PVT A/102829 La Foret, G. A.
PVT F/44824 MacDonald, M.
CPL` E/22604 Berube, L.
PVT F/49719 Glennie, A.
CPT Brebner, C.
RFL H/21064 Knasnesky, George
PVT F/50021 Pyke, N. W.
PVT F/87703 Richards, R.
PVT F/50310 Melanson, D.
WO C27452 Blair, W.
FLT J/15120 Needham, B.
WO1 R/71499 Powers, William Charles
PVT D/81395 Royston, F.
PVT K/50624 Hunchak, J.
CPT Kemp, J.
PVT 114015 Cuima, M.
PVT N/33820 Knupp, A.
PVT D/81403 McWilliams, D.
PVT C/118592 Knuth, H.
PVT B/155389 Dunford, C.
PVT D/76949 Dunlop, J.
PVT D/123434 Fortier, H.
PVT B/755186 Kennedy, J.
PVT D/81969 McAran, B.
PVT D/82981 Goodale, C.
PVT D/82582 Leduc, A.
SGT D/83195 Raulston, M.
PVT D/116732 Baker, H.
PVT D/71610 or D/71618 Bickerstaff, M. maybe Bickerstaff, Leonard David?
PVT D/71612 Clarke, A.
PVT D/82026 Ducat, R.
PVT M/38838 Swanlund, A.
PVT D/135610 Myhill, G.
PVT M/7513 Evans, K.
PVT D/71284 Franstein, A.
CPL D/83061 Mason, S.
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Old 21-09-12, 01:09
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Here are a couple of links to more on Barry Needham.

Barry Needham was a contemporary of Charley Fox who has also been mentioned on MLU.
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Old 21-09-12, 14:30
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Thanks for those additional information links. I have updated my list.
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Old 29-10-13, 15:17
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Just an update. I have determined that the German doctor in charge was an Oberstabsarzt Dr. Ernst Enzinger. He was assigned to Frontstalag 221 in 1943 which was based in Bordeaux. When the POW hospital in Rennes grew too big for the Stabsarzt Lumpp to handle he was moved in in July 1944. Oberstabsarzt Enzinger was captured fleeing Rennes in August 1944.

Also I have determined that the German guards were most likely from Landesschuetzen Battalion 907.

If anyone has any additional information about the hospital or Germans that ran it I would greatly appreciate hearing about it.

LTC USA (Retired)
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