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I look forward to hearing about the details. My concern is the move to September. Early September is a very busy time for families as it is back to school time. Also for country people is tends to be busy due to fall fairs every weekend and getting ready for harvest.

I feel it would be best to try and keep the approx same time of year/same weekend in august as that way it becomes an annual event. Much like the war and peace show in England. Constantly moving weekends every year just messes with people's planning.
Jordan Baker
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Otter LRC
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Old 16-05-13, 02:57
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Default 2013 Southern Ontario Military Muster

If Stuart Fedak would have read the 2013 SOMM threads, You will see the Military Muster is still on for this year in the Town of Essex on August 10/11 2013.
The Info. from CTMHV is from there side of the fence, and not the SOMM.
The SOMM Founders are Geoff Bottoms and Michael Timoshyk.

President / Founder
Geoff Bottoms
President / Founder
Southern Ontario Military Muster
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1942 MK1 UC CB 8073
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1943 F15AA
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Old 16-05-13, 03:31
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Hello Fellow Military Enthusiasts,

I am the Vice-President of the Southern Ontario Military Muster and would like to respond to Mr. Stuart Fedak's Posting of the SOMM being cancelled at the CTMHV for 2013. I will agree with Mr..Fedak that the 2013 WILL NOT be held at the museum this year but will be held in the Town of Essex where we have gained overwhelming support! There has been a lot of negative feedback coming from the CTMHV regarding the SOMM, mainly from a few bad apples but nonetheless we have been left to put out fires and explain that the Southern Ontario Military Muster is ALIVE and WELL and WILL continue!

There was a huge riff developing as the SOMM went through its first 3 years and that is, the CTMHV lost the focus and true identity of what the Southern Ontario Military Muster is all about. It's not about making a profit, it's ONLY about supporting our Veterans and educating our youth and the public alike.

The original committee less two museum members has brought the SOMM forward and we are now a Not for Profit Organization and waiting our charitable status. We have had to develop a new website, we have had to find a new location, encourage new members to come aboard which we have had many key players from all levels join us and they too believe in what we are doing. They believe in supporting our Veterans any way they can and want the SOMM to grow over the years.

We at the SOMM have been scratching our heads and wondering why there is so much negative energy coming from the CTMHV when they chose to cancel the SOMM at their facility. It has been said that we made the decision to do so but that is not the case. We all think the Museum grounds was the best place to hold the Southern Ontario Military Muster but can not do so when you have people on their executive board that have their own agenda's and put money before Veterans. Sure the SOMM is a risk, sure it costs $25,000 to $35,000 to put on but has paid for itself year after year and will continue to do so.

So I end with this, if anyone has any questions, or concerns, anything, please don't hesitate to contact the people who really know what's going on with the 2013 Southern Ontario Military Muster. To find out how to contact us please refer to our new website at and go to the contacts tab and you will find email addresses, phone numbers etc to get a hold of our board members.

We Support Our Veterans and hope you will join us in doing so in 2013.

Jason Henry
Southern Ontario Military Muster
August 10th. 11th 2013
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Jason Henry
Vice President &
Vehicle Coordinator
Southern Ontario Military Muster

1955 M43 CDN
194? MK.1 Universal Carrier
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