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Dan Dolan
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Default WTS: M274 w/ lots of accessories & 106mm RR

Paring down the collection to the WWII era stuff I am most interested in.....this is the last mule item and the most complete and nicest....a virtual museum piece correctly restored with the accessories. priced to go at $19,000.
a M274 2WS, running, like new complete with electric start and new cushions, no dents anywhere, pristine with data plates, ID kit and reflector tapes
M40A1 T&E for the 106mm Recoilless rifle
106mm Recoilless Rifle (demilled like all the rest) - this one IS Marked on breach....I can trace a copy but my camera will not focus that close to see in pix
aluminum tripod for ground mounting the 106 recoilless rifle
set of 106mm recoilless rifle cleaning rods (black metal) mount of deck in the clips
shell holders mounted on deck with footman loops and straps to hold down the 106mm recoilless dummy rounds
4 recoilless rifle practice (dummy rounds) without tubes (do not have the tubes)
correct original tool box mounted below the deck
all clips and brackets included and mounted on the mule deck in correct positions
tow bar below deck
M79 elbow telescope
*no spotter rifle included*
the 106mm recoilless rifle is correctly mounted with the undercarriage plate and the barrel holder and latch at the back corner of the deck
deck has all the correct clips and attachments for the accessories including the tripod and cleaning rods
throwing in the brass projo pusher that screws on the cleaning rods to push an unfired round out of the chamber
Also including the 'claw' cleaning rod used to hold cleaning rags while swabbing the 106mm RR bore
FINAL INDUCEMENT - the ultra rare Infra Red sight for the spotter rifle - a great accessory rarely seen, last one for sale I saw was 7 YEARS AGO!
I will keep this on the board for about 5 days and then off to EPAY it goes.....will photo in detail tomorrow and post a few more pics and links to more on Photobucket
Link to the mule pictures - more coming this afternoon

Link to IR Sight pictures

I WILL SHIP THIS TO EUROPE FOR A EUROPEAN BUYER - I WILL CRATE AND ASSIST WITH SHIPPING ALL AT BUYER'S EXPENSE FOR ACTUAL COST. I can get you a quote if interested. Will assist Northern Neighbor to get it into Canada if you get your import permit (if needed)!
Will deliver to Dayton for $200 or Phoenix for $150 on my trailer......
Dan Dolan 505-269-2056
Don't bother me if you are just a tire kicker and NO, the price is pretty much non-negotiable this mule and all the accessories is pretty much being sold well below market with every accessory except the spotter rifle (may be able to help with a dummy spotter rifle owned by someone else - inquire later if you need this.......; and also NO, will not separate!

picture does not show the rods or the tripod but the are included and subsequent pics will show those.....pic taken at Phoenix AHMTA MV show at Falcon Field where this mule won first place award for 1/4T vehicles. The spotter gun on the mule is a live gun on loan to seller for the show but not owned by the mule seller.
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