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Default Studebaker US6 U.S.A. 4832249 S

I'm listing this ebay auction here, not because I am helping the seller to sell it (I have no connections), but just because I was struck by this rare truck which survived in practically the same way it left the factory in 1945. Read its amazing history!

1945 Studebaker Item number: 120064355037

Vehicle Description

This is a 1945 Studebaker US6, U3, World War Two 6x6, all wheel drive military truck, with only 1,106 miles on it. This is the most original, unrestored Studebaker US6 in the world, one of the most original, unrestored WWII military vehicles in existence.
There are very few US6 trucks left, and even fewer that are in driving condition. This one is as it came off the assembly line in South Bend, Indiana, it has never even had a bed put on it. The vehicle has the original Olive Drab paint on it. It sill has all the original red medallion military marked Firestone tires on it, that were installed at the factory. The red medallions indicated the percentage of synthetic and natural rubber in the tires. The rare spare tire carrier has the rim that has never had a tire put on it. The tires still have the Olive Drab paint over spray on them from the factory, after these trucks were assembled at the factory, they were touched up, thus the over spray from spraying the rims after the tires were mounted. The blue U.S.A. 4832249 S identification number on both sides of the hood have been untouched. This truck has the original factory items that are next to impossible to find; Eagle oil can in itís firewall bracket, fire extinguisher in itís bracket, hydraulic jack and handle, engine hand crank, spare tire carrier, rear bumperetts, pintle hook with eyelets, rear window screen, pioneer tool mounts for the axe and pick/mattock, gas tank filler funnel, inner door pull handles, the blue maintenance manual that was put in the glove box at the factory and a TM9-807 Technical manual for this truck as called for by the information plates that are all on the dash. The number "67" factory inspection number written with chalk is still on the firewall. The throttle linkage and a few other parts still have packaging paper and tape on them from the factory. The interior headliner, canvas seat, steering wheel and gauges are fantastic.
Have you ever wondered how a certain item would have been from the factory, or if a restoration has been done correctly? You do not have to wonder about either one with this truck, because it is still original, and the finest known to exist. This is not an ordinary vintage truck, if you like original, this should be in your collection. This is an extraordinary opportunity.

Provenance of this truck:
Shortly after WWII, Macyís Department Store in New York City had several military vehicles on display at their store. This very Studebaker US6 was on a display turntable at the store. A very wealthy man convinced Macyís to sell him this truck. He took it to his estate and soon put it into storage. In 1974 a well known and respected Studebaker collector was able to buy this truck from this man, it had 300 miles on it in 1974. I purchased the truck from this collectorís estate in 2005, it had 1,018 miles on it at that time. The truck now has 1,106 miles on it, I have put 88 miles on the truck. This truck has always been stored inside.

A brief history of Studebaker US6 trucks:
Studebaker US6's were manufactured from 1941 to 1945 by Studebaker in South Bend, Indiana, for military use during WWII. They were used by many of the Allied countries but especially by Russia through the Lend-Lease program. Each truck was fully assembled at the factory and test driven, then the ones for Lend-Lease were disassembled and crated for shipment. These Lend-Lease trucks were fitted with beds/bodies of what ever type was required when the truck arrived at itís destination. These trucks were also used extensively in building the Alaskan Highway. Since vehicles were still in short supply after the war, these trucks were sold to the public as surplus, most were still in the shipping crates.

My experience with Studebaker US6 trucks:
My dad bought a US6 fresh out of the crate in 1947 when they were being sold as government surplus. He and my brothers used it for many years in their logging and sawmill business, then they sold it. About 15 years ago I found my dadís truck and was able to purchase it. It is in very poor condition and normally would have been junked, but due to itís rarity and ties to our family I want to restore it. Since acquiring my dadís truck I have been searching for and buying Studebaker US6 parts for the restoration, along with doing research on the trucks. I have many extra parts and sell them internationally to others that have US6's, this is how I know the rarity of the US6.

Points of interest:
Motor: Hercules JXD, 6 cylinder, gas
Transmission: 5 speed
Transfer case: high and low range
I have owned this truck since October, 2005. I have only driven it 88 miles. It starts, runs and drives great. The oil gauge shows 40+ pounds of oil pressure, which is normal. The temperature gauge shows 160 degrees, which is normal.
There is a hairline crack in the drivers side door window, it is not very noticeable and does not hinder the window from being rolled up and down. The window is marked "Hi-Test safety glass, ICLCF44", the 44 means it was made in 1944, all of the glass is marked 44 &45, meaning all the glass is original. I did not want to replace this piece and loose the markings, besides, a new piece of glass would stand out like a sore thumb. I have shown a photo of the glass, you may not be able to even see the crack in the photo.
The water pump seeps coolant out of the weep hole, it has done this since I received the truck.. I did not repair it because no more than I was driving it, it has not been a problem. I have a new old stock (NOS) water pump repair kit that will go with the truck. If you want to rebuild the water pump you will have everything for it.
The last time I drove the truck the front left rear axle brake shoes were dragging some. The shoe pivot points may only need to be cleaned. In case the wheel cylinder needs to be rebuilt, I have a new repair kit that will go with the truck.
Title is the way I received it, signed by the widow as executrix of the Studebaker collector, with a Fiduciaryís Probate Certificate. The title shows the name of the collector who I bought it from and who he bought it from.
Storage is available for a fee.
This truck is sold "AS IS".
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Old 17-12-06, 21:12
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A very unusual vehicle. I wonder how many others are out there after 60 odd years with the same mileage and in the same shape.

In US dollars what would an 'ordinary' Studebaker US6 go for in the States?

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Old 18-12-06, 11:53
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Default US6

He says there are very few US6 trucks left , he hasn't been to OZland by the sound of things .

A company called Auto Surplus ( Back then, a branch of the Hancock dynasty ) in Mitcham , a suburb of Melbourne , had tons of NOS spares for these trucks in the late 1970's . They were looking to get rid of it as their market had dried up , I believe a lot of it was scrapped for the metal value . I used to chat to Colin , the counter salesperson , he said they were looking at Israel as a possible buyer for it all . I used to buy the NOS headlight assemblies ( $10 each ) and change over the bases ( bit of butchery involved ) to fit a 1/2 Ton WC Dodge . They had NOS wiring looms , seat covers , all the hard to get nic nacs that you dont see anymore , too much to mention .

It's all gone now .......

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Old 19-12-06, 21:20
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Auction #1: highest bid US $18,100.00, reserve not met - relisted.
Auction #2, highest bid US $12,000.00; reserve not met - relisted.
Auction #3, sold for US $13,995.00

I think it is the buy of a lifetime for any Studebaker enthusiast!

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