Carrier wrecks

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UC Mk.I* 2 pdr carrier This 1942 Ford Universal Carrier was seen at a farm auction in southern Ontario last August. What is interesting is that it was one of 24 carriers converted to carry the 2 pounder anti-tank gun. In this picture, you can see the mount for the 2 pdr just up from the steering wheel. Note also that the carrier's civilian owner had chopped large pieces of armour out of the forward section to 'increase visibility'. Damn. Even the factory bridge-class sign was still visible on the right fender.

Universal Carrier Another view of the same carrier. Sprocket and tracks were very useable, and the bogies were good. The owner said he had been given it as a birthday present some 20 years ago, and had used it to 'run around the farm'. It last ran eight years ago.

2 pdr mount on carrier The 2 pdr AT gun mount complete with pintle socket. Note also the modified (and original) engine cover. Most of this carrier was there, and easily restoreable except for the missing frontal armour. Alas, it went for a ridiculous amount of money at the auction... and your humble host was NOT the winner. Ah well...

2 pdr mount on carrier This is an original shot of the 2 pdr AT gun mounted on a carrier like this one (perhaps even the same one? 1:24 odds...). Note the stowage for the 2 pdr rounds. These carriers were an emergency response to the Japanese threat to the west coast in late '41/early '42, but only 24 were produced and none left Canada. It's an interesting concept...

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