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10 Mar 02
CMP Wrecks
Ah, the restoration bug. It's truly amazing how many examples of these vehicles have survived in one form or another. Given their legendary strength and reliability, many thousand of all types of Canadian vehicles soldiered on for decades after the war, in both military and civilian service.
Yet after one too many engine rebuilds, or after their bodies had finally succumbed to the ravages of weather, some of these once-proud warhorses were simply abandoned and left to decay. While the world marches inexorably toward the 21st century, history oxidizes quietly.
In our constant quest for both parts and restoreable vehicles, we occasionally run across examples of these tired and defeated vehicles. Some will be reclaimed from the process of disintegration, but others will simply be photographed and remembered as icons of an earlier time. Regardless,  it's nice to know they're still out  there.
Here are a few of these we've run across. Please feel free to submit your own finds, HERE.

UC Universal Carriers
The universal carrier remains a bit of an enigma as far as military vehicles are concerned. While it did yeoman service with many Commonwealth armies, its past value to civilians is questionable, especially considering its weight, tracks, carrying capacity and driver's vision limits. Yet literally hundreds have survived, some intact, some chopped to bits, and in every condition in between. Only one thing's for certain - that armour will never rust away!

CMPs CMP Trucks
CMPs were far more useful as post-war civilian vehicles, and generally, the condition of those remaining shows this. Converted to every conceiveable application or function, many are just a shell of what they once were, yet that unique and readily identifiable profile still engenders a sense of history and appreciation. Some of these will roll once again in No.2 Brown, while others will quietly give up some part or another to a better truck currently under restoration. They're all great.

Foreign Foreign Finds
Canadian vehicles which saw service in the ETO usually stayed there after the war. They were used by the reconstituted armies of all the previously conquered countries of Europe, and many found their way into civilian hands long afterwards, some times with surprisingly enterprising modifications. 

Misc Miscellaneous Stuff
Once in a while we stumble on bits and pieces which are particularly interesting, if not useable in some way or another. 

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