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09 Feb 03


QM Stores Classified Ads
What This Is
QM STORES is a free forum for private owners/collectors, for the buying and selling of relevent WW2 British/Canadian GOOD STUFF - uniforms, web gear, weapons, equipment, vehicles, parts, what-have-you. American and other stuff is welcome too, so long as it's period, interesting, and in reasonably small quantities. If in doubt, contact us for clarification. Unfortunately, pics can no longer be accepted due to disk space restrictions; this service is paid for by us and free for you!
How to Post an Ad
While this feature is disabled on the website at the moment, you can alternately use the link on the sidebar to get to our new Forum; follow the instructions to register as a user, and you will be able to post your item in a new thread in the "For Sale or Trade" forum! Include your email address, or a phone number,  or a snail-mail contact route (if no one can find you, it ain't much good!). Please restrict your advertising to relevent WW2 stuff - we reserve the right to edit and/or refuse advertising and/or links we feel are inappropriate to the target audience of this site. (We can do this, because it's FREE). Let us know if you buy or sell whatever it is you posted for. All posted prices in American dollars unless specified. No free postings by dealers under company name - a nominal charge will apply in those cases, so contact us for details.
How to Buy an Item
(1) Have money;
(2) Contact seller by email or phone;
(3) Send money to seller as per his instructions.

Easy, eh?

Legal Bumf
"Items contained herein are the private property of the listee and are in no way guaranteed by MAPLE LEAF UP, or any of its officers or associates unless otherwise specified."
MAPLE LEAF UP provides this forum free-of-charge to interested collectors, and receives no compensation express or implied for any item sold herein, nor are responsible for the existence or accurate advertising of any given item, except as noted in any given ad. Potential Buyers on this forum deal directly with the posted sellers in all aspects of the transaction. Contact us only in the event an email address fails to work (or, to pat us on the back... or to simply chat about CMPs et al).
The bottom line: CAVEAT EMPTOR, as always. Good luck!
Please Note: This section is temporarily disabled pending updating and automation!
Your patronage has been appreciated by both Buyers and Sellers, but the volume of requests has become so great that we have not been able to render you the service you expect. We are currently implementing an auto-insertion form which will post your ads for you, under the rules listed above. Please stand by and please do NOT submit ads until this notice is revoked! A message announcing the new system will also be posted in our Discussion Forum. Thank you!

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