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25 Jun 02
Links to Other Sites
THE FOLLOWING constitute links to a few of the sites we've stumbled upon which are related to this subject matter;  they are presented here  together with a few comments on each, roughly presented by category in no particular order. 
If you have a site which should be listed here, or know of one, please email us with the URL and your own comments.
If you find a link here which is defective in any way (network congestion notwithstanding), please do let us know.
We will be adding new links shortly!

Phil Waterman's CMP Page
A great site by New Hampshire collector & CMP enthusiast Philip Waterman!
Marmon-Herrington Military Vehicles
A well done off-shoot of Hanno Spoelstra's Sherman Register, this new site is everything you wanted to know about M-H vehicles, which were used extensively by many nations before, during and after WW2.
Dirk Leegwater's CMP Site
Dirk is a CMP collector who spares no effort in his painstakingly accurate restorations of British and Canadian vehicles. What I admire most about Dirk is his unfailing attitude that our veterans justify it all! Look for him and a few of his vehicles (along with some MLU types!) at Apeldoorn this May 7th! 
Sten Boye Poulsen's C15TA Site
As is mentioned in our own section on the C15TA Armoured Truck, this remarkable Canadian vehicle subsequently served the Danish Army well, long after the war. Sten Boye Poulsen was a C15TA crewman during his national service, and now brings us a very nice site on this vehicle.
Scammell - a celebration
An outstanding site by a dedicated U.K. collector of these amazing vehicles. The Commonwealth armies wouldn't have been the same without them...
The Sherman Register
For the past 11 years, Hanno Spoelstra of The Netherlands has been collecting and organizing the singularly most complete archive on the Sherman tank and variants available anywhere.
Rod Diery's CMP Truck Page
A well done, comprehensive site on all aspects of Canadian Military Pattern vehicles, put together with a lot of effort by an Australian enthusiast. About time!
The Old CMP Site
Yet another well done site, by yet another Aussie! Keith Webb has been collecting CMPs for two decades, and offers a unique perspective on those trucks which ended up on the other side of the world.
Willys MB Jeep Site
A Canadian site covering all aspects of WW2 jeeps, by a dedicated Quebec collector.
Doug's Heavy Metal Gallery
While you're down under, check out Doug Greville's site on collecting armour. He has many valuable pointers to offer the prospective collector, and lots of info and pics on this fascinating hobby.
Armour in Focus
Chris Shillito has a magnificent collection of photographs of restored and running armour in the U.K.
The L.R.D.G. Preservation Society
A unique page detailing an incredible effort to preserve, restore and/or recreate some of the vehicles and equipment used by the famous Long Range Desert Group in the Western Desert.
Nigel Hay's M3A3 Stuart Tank
One of the few running M3A3s remaining in the world, and reputedly the only one outside the United States. Good job, Nigel!
Canadian Tracks
An interesting site by Don Dingwall in Ontario, CT covers vehicles and equipment used by the Canadians from WW2 till today. Some great pics!
Canadian Military Pattern
Eric Delcommenne of Belgium has a passion for CMPs; check out his new site for a Continental perspective.
Rob's CMP & UC Page
Robert Groves from right here in Ontario represents the NEW generation of collectors... he's bought his first and is in the process of restoring it now. He also remanufactures new parts & accessories!
The Second World War Experience Centre
Stories, letters and diaries of the men of World War II.
The Maple Leaf Forever
Canadian-based battlefield tours in Europe.
Custom military vehicle photographs supplied on CD-ROM for the discriminating collector.
A brand new U.K.-based buy-and-sell site for military vehicles, spares and equipment, including dealer, club and event listings. Very well done!
The 19-set Page
A super site covering every aspect of the British/Canadian/American Wireless Set No.19, a standard WW2 radio.
The CANUCK Home Page
Clothing and equipping the Canadian soldier of WW2. Michael A. Dorosh is an ex-reservist who has developed a unique site which includes a graphical display of formation and unit signs for vehicles, as well as much else.
The Vickers Machine Gun Home Page
Richard Fisher is a 16 year-old Brit with a passion for this Grande Dame of medium machine guns. His attitude, and work, are well beyond his years... give him all the support you can!
Alaska Enfield Headquarters
Greg Young up in Juneau, Alaska has a business which caters to enthusiasts of the Lee-Enfield family of rifles. Lots of very relevent information on this classic rifle, with links to many more similar resources.
Royal Canadian Armoured Corps Association
The Royal Canadian Armoured Corps Association (Cavalry) comprises the 21 regular and reserve force units of the corps, serving officers and non-commissioned officers, and nation wide representation from retired members...
Ontario Military Vehicle Association
Welcome to the home page for the OMVA, a long-established military vehicle collectors club based in Ontario, Canada
Chuck Chriss has an outstanding reference site of military links and connections. in a scant six months, Chuck has become THE reference for military stuff on the net. Whether it be history, surplus or just plain info, check here first! (PS, he even tolerates OUR stuff...)
Commonwealth Orders of Battle 1939-45
David A. Ryan's comprehensive collection and analysis of British and Commonwealth orders of battle during the Second World War.
The MVPA Online
The Home Page for the Military Vehicle Preservation Association in the United States. Lots of links to MV sites around the world, plus much more.
Convoy Magazine
Canada's only national military vehicle magazine, chock full of great stuff including lots on Canadian history! Subscribe today and support a worthy endeavour.
Alex Blair's Miltary Manuals
Alex Blair in Ottawa Ontario offers superb reproductions of a whole range of vehicle parts books for Canadian and American military vehicles. Even if you have an original, buy one of these to spill oil and beer on while you're working on its innards! New and good stuff all the time...
The Unofficial Canadian Army Home Page
Mike Bobbitt's home page is a great resource for all manner of things related to the Canadian army,  past and present.
TankNet Military Forums
A new site offering a collection of online discussion forums on various military subjects starting with armour and going from there. Your host here at MLU was one of the founding members.
Editor's Note: these listings, particularly those related to regiments and associations, are constantly being updated as time allows. To be considered for immediate inclusion, please EMAIL US with details. Ordinarily, regimental sites will only be considered if they have appropriate sections on their WW2 history and/or their veterans' associations (preferably the latter!). Thank you, and be patient!

The South Saskatchewan Regiment
A great little historical site with much promise for the future! This is all about their history and veterans, not a militia site.
The Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment
The Hasty-Pees' home page. Now a militia regiment, this unit saw much action throughout the Italian campaign as part of the 1st Canadian Infantry Division. Amongst its veterans is Farley Mowat, one of Canada's more eminent writers.
The Royal Regiment of Canada
The home page for this famous 2nd Canadian Infantry Division regiment includes much Association info.
The Rifleman Online
The excellent site for the Queen's Own Rifles of Canada, one of MLU's Alma Maters and currently the regimental home of Sunray Minor... this distinguished regiment is looking at its 140th birthday this year.
The British Columbia Regiment
28th Canadian Armoured Regiment, 4th Brigade, 4th Canadian Armoured Division. Exceptional site with much history.
The Royal Westminster Regiment
Yet another distinguished Canadian Armoured Corps regiment (5th Armd Bde, 5th Armd Div). Very well done.
The Sherbrooke Hussars
The home page for the Sherbrooke Regiment, which raised the Sherbrooke Fusiliers (27th Armd Regt, 2nd Armd Bde) of WW2 fame.
Lord Strathcona's Horse
Their regimental museum site is an exceptionally professional site honouring the illustrious history of this century-old Canadian regiment.
The Fort Garry Horse
The FGH was the 10th Armoured Regiment of the 2nd Armoured Brigade. Currently, the FGH is an armoured recce regiment of Canada's reserve army. This site includes a section on their Association.
Royal Hamilton Light Infantry
The RHLI, otherwise known as the "Rileys", are a distinguished infantry regiment of the 2nd Canadian Infantry Division, which saw action at Dieppe and all through Northwest Europe.
Royal Canadian Artillery
A good site on the RCA out of Shilo, Manitoba, including history, links, their museum and kit shop.
The reconnaissance regiment for the 2nd Canadian Infantry Division (14th Canadian Hussars). This is a veterans' page!
Dan Marsh's Marine Raider Page
I won't normally consider U.S. military exposure in MLU, but... the Marine Raiders, as personnified in John McCormick's excellent book THE RIGHT KIND OF WAR (see our Bibliography Page), are unique in the annals of America's war in the Pacific. Dan Marsh is a Raider vet, and this site - his own, not just something done up in his name - serves as the rallying point for Raider veterans. Well done sir! MLU is proud to support veterans' endeavours everywhere.
Sid's War
A fascinating first-hand perspective of the infantry war. 
The World War II Website Association
The World War II Website Association was created spontaneously by a number of webmasters concerned about plagarism on the world wide web. It has grown into a rallying point for WW2 website administrators with info and links to all members' sites. Your humble host is now a member of the WW2WA Membership Council!
Liberation Children of the Netherlands
"We are children conceived from allied soldiers who liberated The Netherlands and North West Europe. 1944-1946."
Seaforth Highlanders of Holland Memorial Pipes and Drums
A Dutch reenactment group of a different sort altogether, patterned after the Canadian Seaforths. Well done!
Project Roots
A truly magnificent site by WW2 PPCLI veteran Lloyd Rains and his Dutch War Bride Olga. They founded PROJECT ROOTS in Holland in 1980, seeking to reunite thousands of War Children with their Canadian fathers and extended families, and have been incredibly successful. Please take some time to view their site and to support them in any way you can!
Editor's Note: many more Dutch-Canadian listings soon! If you have any to suggest, please EMAIL US with details.
Canadian Routes of Remembrance
Sponsored by the Canadian Embassy in Brussels, this is an online version of a booklet published earlier describing three 'routes of remembrance' one can take in Belgium in order to follow the progress of the Canadian Army in both wars. Each section is in downloadable PDF format.
Canadian War Museum
The only one we have. They're doing way better than they used to... check out Vimy House for a start.
The Tank Museum at Bovington, U.K.
Three words: tanks, tanks, tanks. Oh my. This site will make you want to go there.
The Canada War Museum (Adegem, Belgium)
A private museum in Belgium featuring artifacts, vehicles and full-size dioramas of the Canadian Army's activities in Belgium in 1944. 
The Wings of Liberation Museum (Best, Netherlands)
Another private museum, this one featuring (primarily) artifacts, vehicles and full-size dioramas of the American paratroop activities during the time of MARKET-GARDEN. I am informed that there are some Canadian exhibits as well as German and Russian.
Oshawa Military & Industrial Museum
Our one and only in the Greater Toronto Area. Run by the Oshawa Regiment Association, this museum has a varied and eclectic collection of new and old military vehicles.
Swords and Ploughshares Museum
A nice little organization up in the Ottawa area. Their hearts are in the right place...
The National Archives of Canada
The official online access into The Void. Whatever you need to know about...well, this is government. They'll TELL you what you need to know.
Veterans Affairs Canada
A very jazzy site devoted to the operations of our Veterans Affairs department. There is a lot available here, including some historical perspectives and information on memorials. Please visit the (now-digitized) Books of Remembrance in their Records section.
The Commonwealth War Graves Commission
An outstanding site by and for an outstanding organization. I've visited many of their continental sites; it is a sobering experience. Lest We Forget.
Queen's Own Rifles of Canada
A U.S. - based group with some Canadian members and a strong sense of regimental history and tradition. They have respect.
1st Canadian Parachute Battalion - HQ Coy
Another U.S. - based group, celebrating the history of our unique parachute battalion which went to war as part of the British 6th Airborne Division. They dropped at Normandy and again across the Rhine. I've met a number of the originals over the years, and despite their age, they uniformly have that old twinkle in their eyes...
1st Canadian Parachute Battalion - A Coy
As above, but this unit is all Canadian, based in the Atlantic provinces.
Perth Regiment
An Ontario organisation which perpetuates the memory of those who fought as part of the 5th Canadian Armoured Division in Italy and Holland.
Doug's French Food Survival Guide
Presented as a public service to those who might be contemplating a trip to Normandy for the 55th Anniversary of the D-Day landings, this is a light look at surviving the international gastronomic minefield. With contributions by Australian and German readers.
Backyard Ballistics
Sorry, but this HAD to be here. If we weren't building trucks, this is what we COULD be doing... and my neighbours think I'M strange...
The Useless Pages
...and last but not least, when all else fails, your brain strips first gear, no.1 cylinder swallows your last carburetor jet and you begin drooling because you've been sitting so long in front of the computer... have another beer and forget about - what was I saying?

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