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10 Mar 02
Histories of the Canadian Army Overseas
The history of the Canadian Army Overseas could, and has, filled volumes. Many fine works are in print today, and many more available though the used-book markets. Some of these books are listed on our Bibliography page (to which you are invited to contribute); furthermore, many of the web links we feature have excellent discourses on various aspects of our history; please take the time to visit them!
Our purpose here is to provide an overview, sometimes with editorial content, on various campaigns, battles and regiments of our volunteer army. Needless to say, this section will grow slowly, but will, by definition, end up as one of the most important aspects of this site. To understand the significance of the tools of the Canadian Army Overseas, one must understand the context in which they were used.
If there's something specific you'd like to see, please don't hesitate to email me with your suggestions.
Likewise, we welcome applicable submissions from members of the internet community-at-large; please email me to discuss your concepts first. Preference in consideration will be given to documents which accent the roles and/or experiences of the private soldier on the ground. 
Our veterans are aging rapidly, ladies and gentlemen. In a few short years there will be few left, and the roles of our soldiers in the Second World War will fade ingloriously into the realm of forgotten history. It's up to us to preserve their memories, and the memories of their fallen comrades; this site must be a legacy for future generations.
We shall not forget these men, for they have served us well.

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StanStan's Page
Stan Scislowski served in Italy with the Perth Regiment of the 5th Canadian Armoured Division. An accomplished writer already, he joins us here with myriad unique insights into what it was like to have been a Canadian soldier in WW2. Please welcome him accordingly! 

Ortona The Battle of Ortona
The Battle of Ortona was not only one of the roughest fights the Canadians were involved in, but was also the 'first great street-fight' [-Winston Churchill] for the Allied armies in the West.  Last year we participated in a successful campaign to raise money for the vets to go back to meet their former German counterparts. Read all about the battle itself, and the 1998 campaign. (currently offline pending a major update - ed.)
1CACR1st Canadian Armoured Carrier Regiment
The 1st Canadian Armoured Carrier Regiment has the dubious distinction of being the only Canadian regiment to have been created, to have served, and then to have been disbanded, entirely on foreign shores. In its short service life the Regiment and its members saved the lives of countless thousands of British and Canadian infantrymen, and in doing so, laid the groundwork for infantry operations everywhere. Learn about the Regiment, its members, and about the tools they used. ARMATOS FUNDIT!

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