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10 Mar 02
The Restoration Logs
HEREWITH,an attempt to document that mystical process of recovery, preservation and restoration. This will be an ongoing feature, for obvious reasons - it's a fascinating, but neverending process!
We start with the actual discovery and recovery. Some have been lucky in that they've stumbled on vehicles which need little more than a tow home, paint and some mechanical TLC. Most of the rest of us have had to dig, sometimes literally, and start  with something in somewhat less than pristeen condition. Ah well...
The important thing is that these artifacts be preserved and eventually restored, to be appreciated not only by their proud owners, but by legions of future , budding historians.
We will be documenting numerous on-going projects as time goes on, including a unique Canadian Fox Armoured Car, several carriers and other CMPs. Who knows what else? If you have ssomething on-the-go, and would like it displayed here, please feel free to contact us!

Unfortunately, restoration is an art, and can be a damned expensive one at that! As this portion of the site evolves, we hope to bring you some of the insights gained by our past good and bad judgements. In the interim, please enjoy some of the pics and commentary contained herein, which I KNOW will cause some of you heartfelt groans.
For those new to the CMP restoration scene, we can only offer this advice: first, avail yourselves of the unique expertise to be found in the MLU Discussion Forum. Answers to your painful questions are usually quick in coming, and best of all, FREE! Second, make a plan. You've looked at that vehicle long's time to do something about it! Chassis, drivetrain, body, accessories. One thing at a time! Have a picture in your mind, or even on paper, of what you want to end up with... then just get on with it!
And as always, if in the course of your travels you stumble on something interesting - good for restoration or parts - please let us know!

Staff Car  Chevrolet Staff Car  
Stan Reynolds of Wetaskiwin, Alberta is in the process of restoring this unique right-hand drive Chev staff car...
M4A4  Sherman M4A4
Coming soon! An enterprising individual in the U.K. has rescued an M4A4 from the travails of range duty, and is well into a full-scale restoration... and he needs your help!
Lynx  Lynx Scout Car
Coming soon! A Ford Lynx Scout Car in western Canada begins its journey back from the Great Oblivion of Abandoned Vehicles...
UC Mk.I* A UC Mk.I*is Rescued from Oblivion
Dug out of an overgrown bog where it had sat bellied-in for 15 years, this carrier is now the centrepiece of Bruce Parker's collection. Follow along as we document some of the stages of its reincarnation...
Fox Fox Armoured Car
One of seven we know of in the world, this Canadian Fox will one day be the ONLY fully-restored edition anywhere. Bear with us, as this will be another two years to completion... but what a vehicle!
HUW Heavy Utility Wireless
A 1944 HUW, already well-past this stage! The trouble is, the Fox is taking up way to much of Bruce's time. Oh well...
UC Mk.I* Jim's Carrier
Slowly coming together from a miscellaneous collection of rusty parts, this Mk.I* will run again! Jim Burrill from Pennsylvania is bound and determined to reproduce a classic Vickers carrier from this piece...
F15A F15A GS
My own 1942 Ford F15A. Looks like hell right here, but it has one of the best frames I've ever seen! Restoration begins in earnest this spring...
FAT Chev Gun Tractor
Eric Delcommenne in Belgium is restoring a Chev Field Artillery Tractor...
Ram Ram Kangaroo
The recovery, restoration and dedication of a unique monument to the 1st Canadian Armoured Carrier Regiment...

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